Friday, March 21, 2014

The Search for the Panacea [5]

If you're going "WHAT?! Another book haul vlog, Nara?! But it's only been on week since you posted the last one?", well, that would be because I was super late posting last week's which actually should have gone up sometime early February lol.

Anyway, this is the February book haul, and ermahgerd there are some serious pretties! As always, the book will be listed for those who don't want to watch.
And my bad, the focus was off. I couldn't be screwed re-filming it lol.

Books Mentioned
The Cracks in the Kingdom
The Assassin's Blade- Favourite
Ignite Me- Favourite, Panacea Candidate #Chapter55

Unite Me- Favourite, Panacea Candidate
Cress- Favourite, Panacea Candidate
The Hero of Ages- Favourite, Panacea Candidate
Lola and the Boy Next Door- Favourite, have you read this book? You should try our quiz
Cruel Beauty

And you know how at the end I was like "don't know if I'll do a March book haul" lol good joke Nara. I may have splurged and gotten one too many books. Then again #nevertoomanybooks haha.