Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lola Read-Along: Book Recommendations

HELLO! I hope you're all enjoying Lola and the Boy Next Door, and if you're thinking, "but Chantelle, what do I read next?" then this post is for you! Although it's near impossible to find you another book with all the eccentricities that make up Lola, I've put together some recommendations that each have an element of Lola in them that you might want more of.

First up is the GEEKY AND AWKWARD BOY!! Cricket is so unbelievably cute, every time he smiles I just die a little bit on the inside (somehow, that was meant in a good way). He's a nerdy mechanic who gives you thoughtful gifts like a metallic pink bottle cap because you mentioned in passing that you wanted to make a belt out of caps, he helps your dad make pies, and he runs awkwardly around in his 6'4 frame juggling 6 pies in each hand as if it's normal. So, if you want more of the good guys....

Behind door number 1 is:

Matt Watkins, an MIT student who specialises in maths and physics! Wears T-shirts with sayings like, "Nietzsche is my homeboy", enjoys discussing fonts.

*cue the swoonage*

Door number 2:

Will Trombal, an ex-choir boy, now a rugby player on a team which seriously sucks at rugby.

Door number 3:

Sam Weston, a skater boy artist who is "so nice it hurts."

(you'll have to fight Nara for him)

Next, is the WELL DRESSED BOY! I've never really cared about clothes descriptions for guys, but I must admit, reading about Lola's appreciation for Cricket's pants was so so hilarious. If you like a boy with a bit of fashion sense... (I could only think of one, so feel free to give me some recommendations too!)


He probably has a larger wardrobe than you, but at least you get to enjoy the benefits of it too ;)

Lastly (and my favourite), is THE BOY NEXT DOOR! There's just something about it that will almost always make me go, "yep I'll read that". Whether it's the way they will inevitably bump into each other way more than normal neighbours would, or the way they're mostly nice guys too, you've got to love the boy next door.

Jase Garrett... Ah, him and his many many siblings are the cutest things ever. He's so sweet and nice, and if you haven't read this, go now or we're not friends.


but not really. 

Hayden Paris, that boy next door who our heroine absolutely can't stand! Which is similar-ish to Lola. 

House next door... Cell next door... same thing, right?

This is the boy who cheers you up when you're down, and always makes you smile. 

This one has two boys in it, so if love triangles cause your blood to boil, maybe stay away from this one... but it has the good ol' jock vs. nice guy combo for some guilty pleasure reading. 

And finally,

ON THE FENCE! This book was an amazing contemporary with so much swoon, I read it in a day. Unfortunately it's not out until July, but make sure to keep your eye out for it!

That's it for my recommendations, do you have any for me?