Monday, March 3, 2014

Lola Read-Along: AND IT BEGINS

Woooooo! It is now March 3rd, which means the Lola and the Boy Next Door portion of the Stephanie Perkins Read-Along BEGINS! If you haven't yet signed up for the read-along DO ITTT. Click this link here or the button in the sidebar. Also, if you didn't already know, Lola is a companion novel to Anna, so you don't have to have read Anna to read Lola. By which I mean, JOIN USSSSS.

Reminder that Shelly from Readiculous Reads is doing some Twitter chats for the Lola read-along too, so follow along with the hashtag #SPreadathon! More specific times and things can be found at the link here.

So for our leg of the read-along, we have a couple of things planned. Here's our full schedule (which, to be honest, might change haha. We're a bit disorganised and have left everything to the last minute #yolo)

March 5- Favourite Quotations
March 7- Book Recommendations
March 9- Quiz Time

So since you're all going to be joining us, will you be reading Lola for the first time, or rereading?