Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sci-Fi Month: Top Sci-fi Reads of 2014

It's the halfway point of the month, so it's time to pull out the top reads of the year list! I read quite a few great scifi books this year- too many to mention them all in this small list. It was pretty tough trying to narrow it down, but mostly I chose the books either because they were just freaking amazing, or because I thought that the books needed more attention.

The list is in no particular order.

2014 refers to books that I read in 2014, by the way! Not 2014 releases.

Disruption and Corruption by Jessica Shirvington
A fantastic duology which I think is actually only currently available in Australia (hopefully it's released in other countries soon), Disruption and Corruption are action packed, feature a healthy romance, have fabulously well developed secondary characters and are, you know, made of awesome.

Earth Flight by Janet Edwards
Military, Aliens
Seriously, this series has got to be one of the most underrated YA series ever. Hardly any people have heard of it, despite it being absolutely fantastic. Mostly this is because of the world building. It's really just fantastic, and it's wonderful to see the world built up further and further as you go on in the books. Earth Flight is the third book in the trilogy.

The Immortal Crown by Richelle Mead
Dystopian, Fantasy
Book Two in the Age of X series, The Immortal Crown has one of the most shocking endings in the history of Richelle Mead cliffhangers. And those of you who have read her books before would know how big a deal that is. Seriously, after I finished I was just sitting there in a state of shock, my thoughts something along the lines of KAHLWKEFJLAWJEFLHAKSJDF!!!!

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
Dystopian, Fantasy
Of course any book of Brandon Sanderson's is going to feature of a "top reads" list. This is the only main scifi one he has, though (The Rithmatist is probably more fantasy), so that's why it's the only one on this list. BUT SERIOUSLY DAT TWIST THOUGH.

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi
Dystopian, Fantasy

Cress by Marissa Meyer
Fairytale Retelling
The Lunar Chronicles is just such a fabulous series of retellings. It's actually quite fun looking through the books and seeing if you can pick up on all of the parallels. There are a lot of really subtle ones, so make sure you're concentrating while reading!

Hyperion by Dan Simmons
Space Opera
I'm actually going to feature this one in another of my upcoming Sci-Fi Month posts, so I won't say too much about it here except that it's rather amazing. And you should definitely read it if you want to give adult sci-fi a go.

Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach
Space Opera, Aliens, Mystery
This one's also going to be featured in that upcoming post, so you'll hear more about it later. All I'll say here is that it's very action packed and romance heavy.

What have been your favourite sci-fi reads of 2014?