Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sci-Fi Month Has Begun!

It's the first of November, and you know what that means? Sci-Fi Month has begun!
Brief explanation: Sci-Fi November is an annual event first set up last year by Rinn of Rinn Reads, and currently hosted by Rinn and the bloggers at Oh, the Books. It's basically an event to celebrate everything sci-fi: books, movies, TV shows, whatever.

I participated last year with a variety of posts- if you're interested in seeing what posts I did last year, just take a look under 2012/November in the archives in the sidebar. All my posts are labelled with Sci-Fi Month: <post name>. Or search for "Sci-Fi Month" in the search bar.

As a big scifi fan, I was excited to see that Sci-Fi November was happening again in 2014!

There are two reasons why I love science fiction: the first that it explores all these possibilities e.g. is there intelligent alien life out there (I'm saying yes), can AIs as intelligent as humans be made (I feel like, yes, eventually), do alternate universes exist (again, probably). Scifi lets us speculate what things might exist, and I find it endlessly fascinating what people can come up with!

The second reason is that I just love anything set in other worlds, because I'm a massive world building reader, and honestly, if the world building is fabulous in a book, then I'm probably going to love it.

Actually, there probably is a third reason, and that reason is that I just like to read pretty much every genre haha. Scifi is my second favourite genre though. After high/epic fantasy! (Gotta love that world building)

This year, for Sci-Fi November, I have quite a few posts up my sleeve! Here's a schedule:
2nd: Corruption review
5th: In a Handful of Dust review
8th: Top Scifi Anime
10th: Part 2 of a collaboration with Kayla @ The Thousand Lives defining some scifi subgenres and giving some recommendations
12th: Catalyst review
15th: Top Scifi Reads of 2014
19th: A Thousand Pieces of You review
22nd: Want to dip into adult scifi and not sure where to start?
26th: Quiz: First Lines from YA Sci-Fi Novels

I'm also participating in a blogger panel post hosted on Oh, the Books on the 21st.

You can also check out the full schedule here.
Lots of exciting posts scheduled, so hop along to all those other blogs too!