Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sci-Fi Month: Top Sci-fi Anime

So I was looking back on my Sci-Fi Month posts from last year, and realised I had done almost NOTHING about anime/manga. As a massive anime/manga fan, I felt like I should definitely do something on the subject this year- hence this post: some of my recommendations for sci-fi anime.

Cyberpunk, Thriller, Action
A cyberpunk anime set in a future where everyone's "crime coefficient" can be assessed to see whether one is at risk of committing a crime. Those deemed to have a high crime coefficient are sent to rehabilitation to lower their coefficient, and those with extremely high coefficients are imprisoned. Alternatively, they may choose to work as "Enforcers"- members of the police force who are basically like hunting dogs to capture criminals who are on the run. Our main character is an "Inspector" whose job is to oversee the Enforcers. She finds that things perhaps aren't as they seem in this "utopian" society apparently devoid of crime.

While this is an amazing anime, I probably should warn you that there's quite a bit of blood in certain episodes. Stuff like this:
(I'll hide it under this spoiler tag in case you don't want to see gore)

So yes, if you're a bit sensitive to gore, perhaps stay away from this one.

Time Travel, Thriller
This anime is seriously a masterpiece. If I had to choose only one anime to save for future generations, it would be this one. It is brilliant. Honestly, I don't even want to say anything about this one because you should experience it for yourself. All you need to know is that it's about time travel. And please, please, please watch the movie after you've watched the anime. It's so damn good.

Comedy, Parody
This is one of those anime that don't really have a continuous plotline, so you can watch the episodes in whatever order you wish (although I'd still recommend watching the first few in order, at least, to establish the characters and what not). It's a sort of sketch comedy/parody anime, and it's literally the most hilarious anime I have ever seen (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is a close second). While Steins;Gate would be the anime I would choose to save for future generations, Gintama would be the one I would choose if I were stranded on a deserted island, mostly because it has extremely high rewatchability factor.

Code Geass
Mecha, Supernatural
Slightly old school as this one came out in 2006, but I definitely think this is still one worth watching. It's a mecha/war anime with a fantasy twist. Honestly, I don't even like mecha anime in general, but this one is simply fantastic. Main character Lelouche is an exiled prince of the fictional nation of Brittania, sent to Japan (which has been invaded by Brittania) by his father. Through a series of events, Lelouche gains a power named the "Geass", which allows him to command others to do whatever he wants (although only with direct eye contact, and only once). He begins to use this power to aid Japan in the rebellion against Brittania.

Okay, so those are the only ones I'm going to talk about in detail, because otherwise this post will go on and on haha. I'll leave a couple more recommendations in a list here:
- Guilty Crown: Supernatural, Dystopia
- Sword Art Online: Action, Virtual Reality
- Black Bullet: Dystopia, Fantasy, Horror
- Accel World: Action, Virtual Reality (contains the most annoying protagonist I have ever come across in anime, but the anime itself is pretty decent)
- No. 6: Dystopia, Thriller

Are you an anime fan? Any recommendations for me?
Feel free to ask if you want any general recommendations, by the way. I watch a crapload of anime, and I watch all sorts of genres and age categories.