Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Search for the Panacea [2]

Time for the second Search for the Panacea post! I didn't have time to film in between September and now, so, really sorry, but it's ridiculously long. No worries if you don't have the time to watch it haha. I don't blame you :P
Also, that was a really feeble bye. Oh well. Couldn't be bothered filming it again because laziness. hahaha.
p.s. correction: Percy is 12 in the first book.

Books mentioned:
The House of Opium
The Trap

Siege and Storm
The Last Stormdancer
Eleanor and Park
Pivot Point
The Fiery Heart

Gone Girl- Thank you Francine (and it was Always Lost in Books!)
The Chaos of Stars- Thank you Aimee
All the Truth That's In Me- Thank you Shaheen!
Faking Normal
Proxy- Thank you Amanda! (IT WAS AMANDA :D)
A Darkness Strange and Lovely- Thank you Mindy
Fangirl- Thank you Asti!


  1. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to watch your video, Nara. My connection isn't that good at the moment because it's raining. Gaaah. I haven't heard about some of the books you've mentioned here but I know These Broken Stars, The House of Hades, Fangirl, The Fiery Heart, and Pivot Point.

    So what did you choose for your new Panacea book?

    1. haha no problem! That's why I also list the books mentioned, in case people can't watch the video :)
      New panacea candidates from this list:
      The House of Hades
      The Fiery Heart
      possibly Fangirl, we'll see...

  2. I can't wait your video right now. But I can't wait to read Never Fade, Fangirl, and E&P. :)

    1. no problem :)
      Fangirl is amazing! AND AHH NEVER FADE! That ending of The Darkest Minds...

  3. Pivot Point and The Chaos of Stars(which I just finished) are both awesome books so you are in for a treat! :D

    The Fiery Heart-I.NEED.THAT.

    Happy Reading! :)

    1. The Fiery Heart is amazing! But damn the cliffhanger ending grr!

  4. Gimme your ARC of These Broken Stars. It's cover is gorgeous! <3 (Ha ha, I have this thing for ARC covers.) The Aussie cover of These Broken Stars is better than the US one too in my opinion. :P
    Ahhh Split Second! I need to know what happens, NOW!
    I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I love your accent Nara. ;D

    1. haha the ARC? You're going to have to fight with Chantelle for it, she has it right now :P
      I actually prefer the US one! I like the font of the title.
      SPLIT SECOND IS GREAT! It was a nice conclusion to the series (well, I think it's the last book. It seemed like it was the end!)
      hehe why thank you Kelly ;)