Saturday, December 28, 2013

Readiculous End of Year Celebration: Best 2013 Releases

Hello everyone! This is Nara for a very difficult-to-write post, discussing the Best 2013 Releases as a part of the Readiculous End of Year Celebration (hosted by Shelly of Readiculous Reads). GUYS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW DIFFICULT IT WAS TO WRITE THIS POST. So many 2013 releases deserve to be on this list and it was such a struggle to narrow it down to the (relatively) small list I have here. Especially because I read so many books. Well, anyway, let's hope this isn't too long.

Since there are quite a few books to go through, I'll just comment on the ones that don't have reviews. Otherwise, I'll just direct you to my reviews #imlazy #shamelessplug #sorrynotsorry
By the way, it's in alphabetical order, because god forbid I actually have to rank my favourites.

All Our Yesterdays- Review here

Clockwork Princess
I'm pretty sure this would have been a highly anticipated series conclusion for a lot of people, mostly because of that Will/Jem/Tessa love triangle. I do like the way the romance was concluded, even though I must admit it was a bit weird p.s. I'm Team Will.

Crown of Midnight- Review here

Earth Star- Review here

If you haven't heard of Rainbow Rowell before, you have been living under a freaking rock. If you have heard of Rainbow Rowell, but haven't read Fangirl yet, WHAAAT? Seriously? Why not? It's so damn good. Realistic and with an incredible romance, everyone should read this book. By the way, we actually have a giveaway for this book open right now (ends in a few days) if you want the chance to win a copy.

The second book in the Partials Sequence, Fragments is exactly what I wanted in a sequel. With no sign of Second Book Syndrome in sight, Fragments was action packed with awesome developments in plot and romance. And much sciency stuff (ie awesome stuff)

Gameboard of the Gods- Review here

The House of Hades- Review here

The Indigo Spell and The Fiery Heart
Even though these books have some of the most disgusting YA covers I've ever seen (sorry, not a fan. I like the spines though!) the actual content is amazing. Action, romance, mystery- this series has it all.

Parasite- Review here

Sci-fi fairytale retelling? What's not to like ;)

Unravel Me
Chapter 62. Gimme Ignite Me. Enough said.

Honorable Mentions go to (also in alphabetical order and by genre):
Contemporary- The Beginning of EverythingDangerous Girls, The Distance Between Us
Dystopian- The Bone Season, Champion, Pawn
High Fantasy- The Bitter KingdomCity of a Thousand Dolls, Rebel SpringSiege and Storm
Paranormal- Antigoddess, Night of Cake and PuppetsPivot Point, ViciousWorld After
Science Fiction- Between the Lives


  1. YAY FIRST POST OF THE CELEBRATION IS UP *high fives* (be prepared for a fangirly-is that a word?- comment, sorry not sorry)

    Pretty much best list ever! Nice narrowing down, that was quite impressive. I'm a little sad to see that Eleanor & Park hasn't made the list though because it is seriously my favourite ever. I basically agree with all of these except the ones I haven't read. I really need to read Parasite but I'm worried about the length, SUCH A BIG BOOK. Also, I'm scared to read Crown of Midnight because I strongly disliked Throne of Glass.

    Thanks for sharing & thanks for participating! <3

    1. WOOO! lol fangirly comments are the best (it's totally a word)

      I do like E&P, but I wouldn't say it's a favourite. I'm not even sure why. I mean, there's no real big flaws that I can think of on the spot right now...

      Crown of Midnight is a lot better than Throne of Glass though! Much more badassery and romance and awesomeness :D

  2. Yes yes to Fangirl, All Our Yesterdays, & Scarlet! They were three of my favorites as well. I recently read Throne of Glass & really enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to Crown of Midnight. I heard that's it's even better. I still need to read Unravel Me, eep! It's been sitting on my book shelf forever.

    I love some of your honorable mentions as well, like both of Kasie West's books. She quickly became one of my favorite authors this year.

    1. Yes! Crown of Midnight is definitely a lot better than Throne of Glass (and that's saying something because ToG was pretty good too haha)

      UNRAVEL ME IS AWESOME. But probably only if you're Team Warner haha. Adam takes a lot of hits in it, poor guy.

      Kasie West is definitely one of my favourite authors too! Pivot Point was incredible :)

  3. AHHH I love so many of your picks! Since Clockwork Princess was my read of the year, gotta say that I am completely onboard with you on that! Cinder was probably my all-time favorite retelling (and it's so FRUSTRATING that I can't seem to find a copy of Scarlet anywhere D: ), and OHGOSH UNRAVEL ME I CAN'T EVEN!! Ignite Me is out in 30 something days and I cannot wait!! <3 And woohoo for HoH!! It won the Goodreads Choice Award too, though I can't say that I wasn't already expecting it. Haha! Anyway, hope you had a great year Nara (and Chantelle!) and I hope the next year is even better :D

      Totally getting the novella bundle too :P

      Oh no, you can't find Scarlet? :( Can you buy online? TBD should have it!

      Happy New Year to you too! :D

  4. We enjoyed so many of the same books! I LOVED Crown of Midnight and Clockwork Princess. All Our Yesterdays, Fangirl, The Bone Season, Siege and Storm and Fangirl were all brilliant reads for me too. You have good taste. ;) I'm glad you had such a great year of reading in 2013. Hopefully 2014 will bring just as many awesome titles.

    Happy holidays!

    1. hahaha we definitely have great taste ;)
      lol I just realised I accidentally put Siege and Storm in paranormal. Awkward :/

  5. Crown of midnight and Scarlet were EPIC. I also really liked Parasite :D

    1. Definitely agree! I loved how realistic and sciency Parasite was :D

  6. So I just read Fangirl for the RR readathon. It was so good, like all of the other RR books. I am so glad that I did this readathon. :)

    1. Thanks for joining us for it! It was great fun :D