Friday, December 6, 2013

Roo-ah-rooo-ahhh! Attachments Mid-way Discussion (chp 1-45)

Hello!!!!! This is discussion post for the Attachments read-a-thon where hopefully most of you have read up to chapter 45. Firstly, profuse apologies for posting late (completely my fault i.e. Chantelle's fault), so if this has inconvenienced anyone, I'M REALLY SORRY! Secondly, as a reminder, roo-ah-rooo-ahhh, is the "Cute Guy Alarm" Beth makes up in chapter 19 but I'm going to use it and abuse it as the new Rainbow Rowell alarm :)

So! I really hope you're all enjoying Attachments so far, no hard feelings if it hasn't quite lived up to your expectations- I really want you to feel as if you can be honest in these discussions so please don't hold back.

My first question would have to be simply, how are you enjoying Attachments so far? What have your feelings been towards the book? Now that you're halfway, has there been a particular scene or quote that has stood out for you?

For me, a passage in Lincoln's POV really stood out:  (end of chapter 20)
"Love. Purpose. Those are the things that you can’t plan for. Those are the things that just happen. And what if they don’t happen? Do you spend your whole life pining for them? Waiting to be happy?" 
I think this struck a cord with me since I am 19 and I'm definitely at that stage where I'm wondering, when-where-how will these things happen for me? Will they happen? We see Lincoln frustrated with his lack of purpose in this first half, and just start to try and remedy that. He's at the gym, he's trying to be more social, he's making an active step towards getting things to 'happen' for himself.

The other issue, probably the main issue, about Lincoln's job is that it allows him to breach other people's privacy - and obviously he has been since he's learnt so much about the private lives of Beth and Jennifer. What do you think of Lincoln's job? Are you okay with it? What if you were Beth or Jennifer?

Personally, I think that Lincoln's job is necessary but I'd hate to have it myself. I guess using company computers you have to be aware that they are supposed to be for company purposes and there will probably be measures to ensure that that's enforced. It is a little naive of Beth and Jennifer to discuss personal topics so much and using flag words too. However, the extent of private details Lincoln knows about them is, I must admit, very invasive....

One of the top praises I'd have for Attachments is that it's very easy to relate to. So I was wondering, which characters or relationships have stood out for you? whether that be in positive or negative ways (or both). Which are you most eager to follow going into the second half? There are many characters in this novel, and many relationship dynamics to explore so to help you out, I've listed a few:
Jen & Beth: the girlfriends
Jen & Mitch: couple with disagreements relating to children
Beth & Chris: couple with disagreements relating to commitment
Lincoln & his mum: "mother-living" at 28 years old
Eve (Lincoln's sister) & her mum: disagreements about moving on
Lincoln & Sam: first love, dependency, cheating
Beth & Lincoln: innocent curiosity (not so innocent on Lincoln's behalf)

As much as I love Beth and Jen, it's Lincoln's (ex)relationship with Sam that had my attention for this first half. I'm a huge believer in first loves, but there was a toxic quality to it for Lincoln (following her across the county, his world and thoughts revolved around this girl who didn't feel the same) and the heart break of finding Sam cheating but STILL loving her that really got to me. I really want him to find love in the second half of this book, a true love that is mutual with a person who can give as much as he gives. (Beth Beth BETH! roo-ah-rooo-ahhh!

I'd love to hear your responses in the comments, write as much or as little as you please. Nara and I will be keeping active responding as well, so hopefully we can get a nice discussion going :)
Please feel free to chip in even if you're not part of the read-a-thon but have read Attachments. 


  1. I just got to 50% today, because I had to finish two other books. But OMGoodness, I am really enjoying this book. Part of it is because I have been reading a lot of dystopians lately, and this is a pleasant little break. The other reason, however, is because I am really connecting with Lincoln. I am in grad school, and what I want from life has seemed to change a lot over the years. I empathize with Lincoln's difficulty of figuring stuff out. There is a line that I really liked: "My get-a-life window. I think I was supposed to figure all this stuff out somewhere between twenty-two and twenty-six, and now it's too late." Seeing my friends who are working and have families while I am still in grad school gets me thinking like I missed the boat on some things. Watching Lincoln figuring stuff out and moving forward a little at a time is encouraging for me. At this point, I don't even care if Lincoln gets together with Beth. I am just rooting for everyone to find out what makes them happy. Okay, I am going to stop rambling now. :)

    1. aaaaaaaaaaaawwww I think that's a great point. Sometimes I get so fixated on the romance that I neglect the actual characters, so reading on I think I'll be rooting for their happiness too :) I've been reading a lot of E. Lockhart lately (also as a break from dystopians haha), which sort of sends the same message of focusing on the mc finding their happiness whether that be +/- a romance.
      I'm so happy that you're enjoying this book and I've found a fellow Lincoln fan, love that quote! I remember reading it and it scared the bejeezus out of me because I think that'll be me too. Can't wait to keep chatting with you in the final discussion, you're an awesome person, Pamela!

  2. I'm loving Attachments so far!! :D It's witty, funny, and though I am against the type of work Lincoln does, I'm pretty sure if not for that, he wouldn't have fallen in love for Beth! :)
    And I'll be sitting back, and enjoying this ride of a story! It's absolutely wonderful :3
    Thank you for sharing, Nara and Chantelle! :D <33

    1. hahahha yeah, I'm glad you're enjoying it Emily! It's funny how love works ey, I remember in The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, Alex and Tatiana meet on a day where they're both doing things that they don't usually do. He's in a place he doesn't normally visit, and she's sitting down eating icecream. Makes me a little paranoid about where or when I'll meet Mr. Right. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I'm only 58% done with this novel, I've had some short notice blog tours thrown at me and had to put it down for a while :( I'm really enjoying it so far though! My paperback copy arrived the other day so I might finish it that way soon (hopefully haha)

    1. Ah, I saw that you had the paperback of Attachments in your book haul post!
      Hopefully you can read it soon, the last few chapters are pretty swoony :P