Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[Tag] Seven Deadly Sins of Reading

So, for the Seven Deadly Sins of Reading tag, we were tagged by Cayce at Fighting Dreamer. Okay, technically not specifically tagged, because she tagged everyone, but still :P

GREED - What is your most expensive book? What is your least expensive book?
C- Oh gosh… I don’t know!

N- Most expensive…


N- Well I guess the least expensive book I bought was probably The Language of Flowers. I think it was originally $30 and I got it for 2. Quite the bargain.

C- Yeah that was a great find! Basement books I believe? My least expensive book… Probably this really cute, thin red hardback edition of Jane Eyre that I found at my local op shop for $1. I've now got 3 copies of Jane Eyre… #issues

N- Jane Eyre is such a great book! #noissuesthere

C- My most expensive books have to be my hardback, illustrated special editions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I think they were around $100? But it was a present from my mum so not really sure if that counts.

N- Nice!

C- lol she bought them for me before I was a true book nerd, probably hoping to push me in the right direction

N- I’m sure the illustrations helped haha. I think my most expensive book is probably the fancy clothbound edition of A Game of Thrones. But let me check, NARA TO THE BOOKSHELF TOO

C- HAHA too true, off you go

N- Yeah, it’s A Game of Thrones. I thought maybe Inferno might be up there too, but I think GoT is more expensive.

C- I don’t even like GoT but yours is so pretty, worth it!

WRATH - What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
N- Um...yeah I really don’t know...well I really love Jen Armentrout’s Covenant series, but Frigid and Obsession...not so much.

C- oooo good one! Yeah definitely, she’s got some really great ones and some… questionable ones.

N- lol even her Lux series was a bit meh.

C- OMG ONYX! Just gave up and gave it a DNF

N- I don’t know why people like Daemon so much...to be honest he’s a bit of an ass.

C- hahah well, I just don’t see the swoon in turning into blobs of light… and Katy was annoying as crap

N- Quite true. So who’s the author you have a love/hate relationship with?

C- *groan* Jamie McGuire…You KNOW how much I loved Beautiful Disaster, not shutting up about it and shoving it in your face all the time. And when I heard Walking Disaster, a retelling from Travis’ POV, I was ecstatic! But Nara… it was awful :( now I have trouble even rereading BD because of it.

N- BD was crappy. hahaha

C- hey back off! My guilty pleasure, my rules?

N- lol fair enough. But yeah, I guess if you really like BD then WD would have been a bit crappy. And didn’t you dislike her Providence or whatever series as well?

C- OH YEAH! Good ol’ DNF, so so cheesy, could not cope.

GLUTTONY - What book have you deliciously devoured over and over with no shame whatsoever?
C- Hmm, the catch with this question is really the “with no shame” part ey haha

N- What does that even mean? Like, can I say Percy Jackson? No shame even though I’m not a 12 year old?

C- haha yeah, like say hypothetically I’ve read Fifty Shades a few times… there would be a bit of shame

N- only a few times eh…..

C- hahahaha *awkward silence* BUT! without shame. I can say The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, that book is flipping fantastic, but I only ever reread the first half haha

N- Fair enough! I’m going to say Harry Potter and Percy Jackson because I freaking love both those series to bits.

C- Ah that’s so true, HP is such a trap though, you feel a little nostalgic so you reread one, then BOOM goodbye your entire week to reread the whole series

SLOTH - What book have you neglected reading due to laziness?
N- Code Name Verity. Also Gone Girl.

C- OMG TESTIFY, they’re both panacea candidates for me so you need to get on that!

N- Dude! Hyprocritical much! You need to read so many of mine hahaha

C- hahahha #caughtout. I’ve been neglecting Partials since it’s sitting quietly on my bookshelf!

N- Earth Girl too.

C- Oh yeah! That’s on my shelf too all raring to go, I read so slowly though, sighhh never enough time.

PRIDE - What book do you most talk about in order to sound like a very intellectual reader?
C- HAHAHA oh gosh… normally I just talk about YA books, we read enough text books in med

N- I have to agree, I don’t normally talk about “intellectual” books with other people, but if I had to I’d go for The Elegance of the Hedgehog- not only is the title epic, but my version is in French. So...

C- hahaha yeah you win

LUST - What attributes do you find most attractive in male or female characters?
N- Green eyes. Hehe. Also black hair with blue eyes is a killer combination.

C- PALE GUYS, WITH BLACK HAIR AND BLUE EYES. Omgosh. Yes. ie. Prince Jonathon from Tamora Pierce’s books.

N- In terms of personality though, I like the nice guys. Bad boys can suck it.

C- haha I have to agree you there, I love me some bad boys occasionally, but they don’t make me fan girl like a nice boy next door (Jase) or a self-confessed geek (Matt), or SAM! “so nice that it hurts” <3 <3

N- SAM!!!! Also Finn from All Our Yesterdays. He’s so dang nice :’)

C- YES! And Finn from If He Had Been With Me, when he’s teaching her how to drive :’)

N- You haven’t read it, but in In the After, the love interest adorably blushes :’)

C- AAAAWW! I’m sold. Totes going to read it.

ENVY - What books would you most like to receive as a gift?
C- LOL love this question. *hint hint Nara*

N- Mate! Your birthday isn’t even until next year.

C- mwahahahhaha

N- Although, Christmas? haha

C- Hmmm To my book depository wishlist! I is prepared. Splintered and Pivot Point probably top my gift list, because they’re a bit pricier. But “want” wise, if I hadn’t given myself a temporary book ban since I bought so many during exam period, I’d be buying hard copies of Speechless and Sweet Peril in a heartbeat. You?

N- A Darkness Strange and Lovely and Vicious and House of Hades and The Fiery Heart and IGNITE ME and the list goes on and on. One can never want too many books :P

C- Very true! Great chat, Nara :D

By the way, if you're wondering WTF is with the hearts and skulls and crap on the bookcovers in the Wrath section, you are not alone. Chantelle went a bit wild hahaha <---CAN I DELETE THAT?! Nope.

Nara: Since the point of this is to tag people to answer the questions, not sure if they'll do it but I'm going to tag Meg @ Adrift on Vulcan (even though you're probably quite busy with the whole new blog thing TOO BAD mwahaha), Jaz @ Pixelski and Mel @ YA Midnight Reads

And what the hey, I may as well tag everyone else too haha. So if you feel like doing the tag, go ahead! WE TAG YOU.


  1. Really cool idea (with the whole tagging AND the questions relating to the seven deadly sins). I've only read Obsidian in the Lux series, and I can tell that JLA's writing isn't for me. I was talking to my sis about it, and I think her characters tend to be more over-the-top, and we gravitate towards realistic contemporary. Although sometimes, I love the drama ;D

    1. We can't take credit for the idea hehe- it's actually a booktube thing, but Cayce adapted it for book bloggers :)

      Her characters definitely are rather dramatic! I recently read Origin, and the stupidest event occurred in it where I was like -_- (can't actually say what it was because spoilers haha). But yeah, a bit of drama now and again never hurt anyone ;)

  2. This made me smile so much! It was so funny to read all of you reading sins and reading you both interact with each other!

    So I still haven't read any of JLA's books and I keep wavering back and forth over whether or not I should try some.

    1. hehehe thanks Arial!

      You should try the Covenant series, it's pretty good! The first two-ish books are quite similar to VA (by which I mean it's bordering plagiarism), but it starts deviating from VA in the 3rd book, at which point it becomes an amazing series :D Also the love interest? *swoons*

  3. Haha, I really do like this tag but I feel like the questions are hard! I am pretty sure all my books are in the same price range. I have no fancy ones like everyone else :( And I'm rarely the intellectual! lol. But I actually do like the little graphics on the book covers. Especially the toilet paper roll. haha!

    1. The questions were actually really hard! Especially the love-hate relationship one! I had to really think about that one.

      lol Chantelle will be happy to hear about that :P

    2. aaaww thanks! Chantelle 1, Nara 0 hehe

  4. Oh thank you for tagging me lovelies!

    I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT JLA. I really didn't like Frigid or Wait For You. BUT I LOVE COVENANT!!! One of my fav series ever. AND HEY I LOVE DAEMON (: he is AMAZING in Origin ohmygoodness Chantelle you should give it another go!

    I loved BD too but I STILL haven't finished WD. It IS quite horrible.

    Finn from All Our Yesterdays omg he's so sweet. I cried so much in that book.

    HP is always something that can be re-read over and over :)

    Pivot Point and Splintered look AMAZING in HB! I have them both but haven't read them. I will read Pivot Point soon because I have Split Second LOL.

    I can't wait to do this <3

    1. Yay! FUN TIMES :D

      And yeah, Frigid sucked big time. I tend to like my books to have a bit more of an actual plotline...And I love the Covenant series because Aiden St Delphi OMG BEST NAME :D And dude Daemon got so dang sappy in Origin! Could not take it...


      And I am so ridiculously jealous that you have Split Second. SO DAMN JEALOUS!! (Because Pivot Point is absolutely incredible!)

    2. hahahha because you said you liked BD and not WD, I want to say that I really really like you! and will seriously consider giving Onyx another go. Just for you!

      Splintered in HB is a thing of beauty haha *drools*

  5. CHANTELLE. I want your illustrated LotR books! I'm not a super huge fan of the series, but still. And Nara, I agree with you about BD. That was one awful book that made me want to puke my guts out. I'm sorry, Chantelle, but Trevor and whatshername's relationship was too dramatic and stupid for my liking! Nice and nerdy guys with thick glasses and curly hair for the win ;) Bad boys are getting old, haha.

    You two are hilarious! By far one of the funnest tag posts I've seen, so thanks for tagging me! I'll make time for this, because you know I love you guys. ;)

    1. FRICK YES BD WAS CRAP! And SamSamSamSamSaaaaaaaam :D

      Awww we loves you too Meg <3

    2. haha I completely understand, I'm not huge on Lotr books either, but the pages are so glossy and the edition is just stunning.

      nice and nerdy guys with thick glasses and curly hair... you make a great point! Some one please hold me back while I hunt this guy down.

  6. Nara- I did the most pedophile like smile when you said you had THoH on your wishlist! (I'm outside your bedroom! *wink*) And did you know that I have a Goodreads shelf that is: I could eat this? Percy Jackson and HP are high on that list! I must have them literally in my body.

    Chantelle- BLACK HAIR, BLUE EYES OMG. But I think I'd prefer black hair and green eyes more, strangely. And I don't talk about books to make me sound intellectual- more like me sounding absolutely nuts and a crazy fangirl. Teehee.

    Awesome post, ladies! <33 Thanks for tagging me, I'll respond soon :D

    1. YOU STALKER hahaha. Awesome bookshelf name! And lol if it were possible the Percy Jackson series would be imbued into my body too :P


  7. What a great chat girls!! I haven't heard of this tag but it was so fun to read. I wish my mum bought me that special edition of LOTR :D This way I have to push her to read. Also I totally agree with your love/hate relationships - I adore Covenant but JLA's other books are mostly so-so and same is for Beautiful Disaster. Great post really :)
    Thanks for stopping by :)

    1. Yeah, JLA's other books definitely aren't as awesome as the Covenant series. I just couldn't really get into them.

    2. hahah I didn't read them for ages though! They were so pretty but really very big haha


    omg your wishlists! Basically a lot of them are on mine too. HOUSE OF HADES I CANNOT, SHAMELESS FANGIRLING!!


  9. Omg - this was so fun! Both the questions and your banter. I hope you do more of these kinds of chats because you guys are hilarious. I wouldn't even know how to answer these questions... my answers would be lame, haha.

    1. Aww thanks Aylee!
      We do have some similar posts coming up hehe :D
      And I'm sure your answers wouldn't be lame! You should try it out, it's pretty fun!

  10. Bahh. I tried answering all the questions on my mind. Greed, Gluttony and Envy were easy to answer. For greed, that would be my complete HP set. For Gluttony, that's HP again. And for envy, definitely House of Hades. That cliffhanger on MOA is stressing the hell out of me. GRRRRRR.

    Wrath, Sloth, Pride and Lust is really hard. Before blogging, I really filtered all my favorite authors so that I wouldn't get to the point of hating their works. Sloth, hmmn, maybe Inferno or The Green Mile. As for Pride, I really don't know. I am not sure if I'd be able to boast my powerful knowledge about a certain book. ;p As for Lust, there are so many handsome leads to choose from. Maybe I'd go for someone with dark looks. But this is really tricky, blondes are gorgeous too. Why can't I just have them all?

    1. HOUSE OF HADES! That stupid MOA cliffhanger! Rick Riordan is evil!!

      Inferno is quite good! It's probably not as good as his earlier ones, but I still definitely enjoyed it :)

      Hahaha ALL THE LOVE INTERESTS! So true ;)

    2. AMEN to your love interests point ;)

  11. Yay! I love seeing this tag going around and getting passed on :)
    I only own one Jane Eyre, but I <3 my copy. "Jane Eyre is such a great book" *nods* "illustrated special editions of the Lord of the Rings" *dies of envy* Haha, I actually quite like the Lux series (though I haven't read anything else by Armentrout) "BD was crappy" - yep (sorry, Chantelle)
    Code Name Verity! I need to read that book. Oh, I've read Earth Girl and it was rather meh plus the MC was way too perfect... Partials was good. And Sweet Peril was as great as Sweet Evil :P
    The Elegance of the Hedgehog - wow, love the title

    1. The Elegance of the Hedgehog is really good, but it's a literary novel, so it's pretty slow. The title is really awesome because it relates to one of the themes in the book :)

    2. Sweet Peril blew my socks off!!!! Kaidan Rowe <3 <3 <3

    3. YES! Kaidan <333 And I <3 Blake too :P