Sunday, September 15, 2013

Discussion: Remembering the finer details

So it seems like everyone enjoyed doing the quiz last week about remembering characters' last names, so I'm going to make it slightly more difficult: this week we're tacking hair and eye colour!

Yeah, I hear you. It was hard enough to remember the characters' names, HOW THE HECK WOULD WE REMEMBER EYE AND HAIR COLOUR!? Especially since these aren't often repeated in books. Well, here's a quiz to test your memory. (I anticipate that most of us will crash and burn haha). Some of these ones I actually don't have answers to, since I didn't have the time to actually go read through the novels to find them. If you know the answer to one of the ones that I don't, then go ahead and tell me in comments! Also feel free to correct me as well, if I get some wrong (which will inevitably happen).

1. Harry (Harry Potter series)- if you get this wrong, SHAME ON YOU
2. Chaol (Throne of Glass)
3. Jace (The Mortal Intruments series)
4. Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars)
5. Four (Divergent)
6. Peeta (The Hunger Games)
7. Edward (Twilight)
8. Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
9. Warner and Adam (Shatter Me)- surprise! You get a 2 for 1 deal haha
10. Sam (Speechless)- lol couldn't resist throwing him in here. <3 Sam

1. Hermione (Harry Potter series)
2. Celaena (Throne of Glass)
3. Clary (The Mortal Instruments series)
4. Hazel (The Fault in Our Stars)
5. Tris (Divergent)
6. Katniss (The Hunger Games)
7. Bella (Twilight)
8. Rose (Vampire Academy)
9. Juliette (Shatter Me)
10. Chelsea (Speechless)

Click to read my crappy attempt at the answers

1. Harry- black hair, green eyes
2. Chaol-
3. Jace- blonde hair? Definitely gold eyes
4. Augustus- I think blue eyes. Possibly brown hair?
5. Four- Dark eyes (brown? black?), brown hair
6. Peeta- blonde hair, blue eyes? Total guess haha
7. Edward- Bronze hair, gold/black eyes depending on how hungry he is (it's so sad that I know this one and don't know most of the others...)
8. Dimitri- brown eyes, brown hair
9. Warner- blonde hair, green eyes and Adam- brown hair, blue eyes
10. Sam- blue eyes, brown hair (fairly sure...)

1. Hermione- well going by movie, brown hair, brown eyes? 
2. Celaena- turquoise eyes, maybe blonde hair?
3. Clary- red hair, possibly green eyes?
4. Hazel- NO IDEA
6. Katniss- WHAAAT
7. Bella- brown hair, "chocolate brown" eyes, hey let's throw "heart shaped face" in there too! (oh man, so sad...)
8. Rose- dark brown hair, brown eyes
9. Juliette- blue/green eyes, no idea what colour hair
10. Chelsea- red hair, no idea about the eyes

Oh god, I seriously knew pretty much none of them for sure...awkward! I should give up my position as Grand Quizmaster (which I totally just awarded myself about 5 seconds ago) right now.

And yeah, once again, I realise this wasn't really a discussion. So let's throw out a random question: what combination of hair and eye colour do you like? Oh, and let me know how you went in the quiz!

p.s. I like green eyes. Don't care what colour hair as long as there are green eyes ;)


  1. Ohmygod. I SUCK at this!! 5/8 for boys and then I only remembered Hermione's for the females. Once again, I pay SO much more attention to the dudes. Haha! Well anyway... I think I prefer electric blue eyes on blondes, or green eyes on jet black hair :) But yeah. As long as they're swoon-worthy, I won't even mind :D

    1. lol I was rather terrible with the females as well. Couldn't remember any of them really...Green eyes and black hair is awesome! I do agree, as long as the swoon factor is high, I'm pretty happy haha

  2. How do you come up with these quizzes, they are so hard! xD I seriously can not remember more than two or three of these, trying to remember is like torture! Love your answers!

    1. haha even I find them hard :P
      Pretty much all of the answers were guesses hehe

  3. This is pure torture, Nara. How can you do this to us?!

    I'm going to erase the books that I haven't yet read.

    1. Harry (Harry Potter series)- Green Eyes/ Untidy Jet Black Hair
    3. Jace (The Mortal Intruments series)- Blue eyes? / Blond Hair
    5. Four (Divergent)- Dark Eyes (?)/ Black hair (?)
    6. Peeta (The Hunger Games)- Black Eyes (?)/ Black hair
    7. Edward (Twilight)- Amber Eyes ?/ Coppery (?) Hair
    8. Dimitri (Vampire Academy)- Dark Eyes/ Dark Hair

    1. Hermione (Harry Potter series)- Brown eyes (?)/ Bushy Brown Hair
    3. Clary (The Mortal Instruments series)- I hate this girl. Not sure the color of her eyes/ Strawberry Red hair
    5. Tris (Divergent)- Gray eyes (?)/ Dark hair
    6. Katniss (The Hunger Games)- Grrr. My favorite heroine. I can't even remember the color of her eyes. Dark Hair
    7. Bella (Twilight)- ? eyes/ Dark Hair
    8. Rose (Vampire Academy)- ? eyes/ Dark hair

    I was sorely tempted to take out all my books and cheat on this test. I can't believe that I am so weak when it comes to character description. >,< What's the next test that you're going to throw at us, Nara? I'm going to start reviewing now like good ol' Hermione.

    Regarding your question, I'd either go for dark eyes & dark hair or blue eyes & dark hair.

    1. This one's probably the last quiz for a while :) I might pull some out later on though mwahahaha!

      Yeah, I was tempted to take out my books, but then I realised it would be kind of hard to find the answers, because they're not always at the start of the book. Would take quite a while if you tried to find all of the answers!

  4. I didn't even know some of the characters, so I skipped it. Again. Oh well. So I suppose the only thing I can do is answer your question.

    Hmm . . . these days, I like gray eyes and dark hair. It's perfect for disconcerting stares.

    1. Grey eyes look so awesome. But so few people have them. I guess same goes with green eyes. Don't see them too often.

  5. Okay, I actually faired much better at this than the last names. I got 7/10 and then 5/10 for the girls. LOL. Still kinda a fail...

    Great post, Nara! <33

    1. Hey that's actually pretty good! Especially 7/10 woah!

  6. Lol I only know Harry's eye colour and hair colour. The rest I either don't know them or only know their eye or hair colour *fail*

    Hmmm, I definitely prefer brunettes and I don't think I have a favourite eye colour. I used to think green was cool but now I'm starting to warm up to hazel/brown eyes :)

    1. Well at least you knew Harry's eye and hair colour! I would have had to disown you if you didn't know :P

      Hazel eyes look pretty cool as well!

  7. Haha, don't feel bad about knowing Edward's eye/hair color better than the rest. It was brought up on every single page of Twilight - Breaking Dawn!

    I'm loving these posts, so keep them going :)

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!! So annoying...Like, fair enough if it's a couple of times, but she just said them way too often...

      Thanks Celine! I'll probably do more of them later on :)

  8. And she fails again.... My only saving grace is that I have only read 1 (green and black) and 5-7. I generally don't pay much attention to hair/eye color, so this wasn't much of a surprise.

    1. Harry Potter FTW!
      Yeah, I'm starting to think I don't really pay much attention to them either...I only seem to know whether a male character has green eyes or not lol :P

  9. I'm totally trying this one :D I almost never pay attention, but some authors are really repetitive in their descriptions of the guys. But some just stick with me. I'll skip the ones I don't know.

    1. Harry (Harry Potter series)- black hair, green eyes.
    3. Jace (The Mortal Intruments series) - blonde hair, golden eyes. (I think... maybe his hair was golden, too? No idea. But I'm sure about the eyes)
    4. Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars) - I loved him, but I can't remember. Not even if my life depended on it...
    5. Four (Divergent) - Again, no idea. :|
    6. Peeta (The Hunger Games) - blond hair. Not sure about the eyes. Green? Blue? Brown?
    7. Edward (Twilight) - That's one of the repetitive ones and, kill me, but I can't remember. Judging by the way Pattinson looked in the movie... golden hair, golden eyes? I know they change when he's hungry but no idea about the color.
    8. Dimitri (Vampire Academy) - brown hair, brown eyes. Wears a duster. He's Russian. Tall. Handsome. Great fighter. I can write a biography of this guy :D
    9. Warner and Adam (Shatter Me)- I know Adam has blue eyes!!!!! And a tattoo. No idea about the hair and Warner though.

    1. Hermione (Harry Potter series) - brown hair. Don't know the eyes.
    3. Clary (The Mortal Instruments series) - red hair, green eyes. I've had this shoved in my face in every book.
    4. Hazel (The Fault in Our Stars) - no idea.
    5. Tris (Divergent) - brown hair, brown eyes? I think.
    6. Katniss (The Hunger Games) - brown hair, brown eyes? I'm lame :D
    7. Bella (Twilight) - okay I know for sure she has brown hair and brown eyes because she keeps saying it's what makes her so dull.
    8. Rose (Vampire Academy) - dark hair and brown eyes.
    9. Juliette (Shatter Me) - ummm... no idea.

    1. Okay, it should be "write a biography FOR this guy". *sigh* Stupid me.

    2. hahahaha Dimitri. I'm weird and am probably the only person who prefers Adrian over Dimitri (don't kill me!)

      lol I'd forgotten that Adam has a tattoo. It was a bird or something wasn't it?

  10. First off I LOVE YOUR TOPIC! and second, I freakin failed except for the Harry Potter part lol. OMG I can't believe I can't remember how these characters look like! Ugh. I feel bad. Must re-read those books again haha. What I'm really shocked about is that I don't know Four's hair and eye color. He's my freakin boyfriend! (;


    1. Hey at least you got Harry Potter!
      LOL you should probs go visit your boyfriend some time soon then :P (by which I mean you should reread Divergent)

  11. What a fantastically fun idea. And I did a horrible job of remembering. Except that Edward had bronze hair.
    I agree that Augustus, Tris, Hazel don't really talk about their looks.
    I'm sure Warner is blond. Or maybe I just picture him with blond, slicked back hair….

    I'm not even going to try last names. I can barely remember all the characters' first names…

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. Edward's bronze was mentioned so many times haha
      I'm 99% sure that Warner is blond!

  12. Fun quiz! BUT I do not remember anybody's eye color. Just their hair color, which is like really horrible because I should know it, but I have a horrible memory. Yes, I'm pulling that card. ;D

    1. lol yeah I would totally pull that card too. My book memory is terrible. Actually come to think of it my memory in general is pretty crappy haha

  13. I almost don't even want to attempt this quiz, because it is very possible that I will get almost every single one wrong. The ones I know for sure is about one or two characters. It's quite embarrassing.

    I was just thinking the other day about books that I don't remember finishing. I think that your discussion only proves that I probably don't remember very much at all.

    1. OMG I totally have that problem as well! I read a review and go "oh, I haven't heard of this book before", go to look it up on GR and lo and behold I've actually read it :/ BOOK AMNESIA STRIKES AGAIN!

  14. I don't even know half of these characters! The ones I do know, I'm pretty sure about their hair and eye colours... except for Hermione. I remember she had brown hair, but I don't remember if her eye colour was mentioned.

    1. Harry (Harry Potter series)- black hair/green eyes
    6. Peeta (The Hunger Games) - blond hair/blue eyes
    7. Edward (Twilight) - bronze hair/black-or-amber eyes (depending on whether or not he needs a snack)

    1. Hermione (Harry Potter series) - brown hair/? eyes
    6. Katniss (The Hunger Games) - dark hair/grey eyes
    7. Bella (Twilight) - brown hair/chocolate brown eyes

    I find it annoying that I can barely recall some of the details of my more recent reads, but I can still remember the stupid descriptions of Edward and Bella.

    1. Yeah...damn memory being ridiculously good when it comes to the Twilight series! It's not like I've read the books multiple times either!

  15. Okay I'm really late on this but Maggie over at Adrift on Vulcan brought me here and I want to test myself!

    2. Chaol (Throne of Glass) - Haven't read this series
    3. Jace (The Mortal Intruments series) - Golden hair and tawny eyes
    4. Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars) - black hair and blue eyes
    5. Four (Divergent) - haven't read it
    6. Peeta (The Hunger Games) - blonde hair and... blue eyes? Cornflower blue if I remember right
    7. Edward (Twilight) - Dark hair and eyes that shift from black to honey
    8. Dimitri (Vampire Academy) - haven't read it
    9. Warner and Adam (Shatter Me)- surprise! You get a 2 for 1 deal haha - haven't read it
    10. Sam (Speechless)- lol couldn't resist throwing him in here. <3 Sam - haven't read it

    1. Hermione (Harry Potter series) - bushy brown hair and... oh my god. NO. Brown eyes? *failure*
    2. Celaena (Throne of Glass) - haven't read it
    3. Clary (The Mortal Instruments series) - bright red hair and brown eyes?
    4. Hazel (The Fault in Our Stars) - pageboy haircut sandy blonde and... hazel eyes? Har har
    5. Tris (Divergent) - haven't read it
    6. Katniss (The Hunger Games) - brown hair, usually in a french braid, with olive eyes
    7. Bella (Twilight) - Uhhh brown hair and brown eyes
    8. Rose (Vampire Academy) - haven't read it
    9. Juliette (Shatter Me) - haven't read it
    10. Chelsea (Speechless) - haven't read it

    As for my preferences, I love dark hair with green eyes. But blue eyes are beautiful too :)

    1. Dark hair with green eyes is a killer combo. Love it haha.
      Cornflower blue does sound somewhat familiar for Peeta...
      Olive eyes for Katniss? Wow, didn't know that.

  16. Haven't read many of these, so I naturally failed (however, I did get Harry Potter - there's still some hope!)

    I also LOVE green eyes - and I have them. :-)
    Blue-grey eyes are also beautiful too.

    1. haha nice. I think most people would be able to get Harry :P

      You have green eyes? That's so awesome. I've just got the ole Asian brown haha. They're lighter than most Asian's eyes, though, so there is that haha.
      I love grey eyes! They look so pretty :D