Friday, April 17, 2015

Half Wild: Further Drowing in Further Seas of Feels

Title: Half Wild (The Half Bad Trilogy #2)
Author: Sally Green
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Fantasy
Source: Penguin Australia

After finally meeting his elusive father, Marcus, and receiving the three gifts that confirm him as a full adult witch, Nathan is still on the run. He needs to find his friend Gabriel and rescue Annalise, now a prisoner of the powerful Black witch Mercury. Most of all he needs to learn how to control his Gift – a strange, wild new power that threatens to overwhelm him.

Meanwhile, Soul O'Brien has seized control of the Council of White Witches and is expanding his war against Black witches into Europe. In response, an unprecedented alliance has formed between Black and White witches determined to resist him. Drawn into the rebellion by the enigmatic Black witch Van Dal, Nathan finds himself fighting alongside both old friends and old enemies. But can all the rebels be trusted, or is Nathan walking into a trap?
Review by Nara

This "review" might make a bit more sense if you check out my "review" of Half Bad. Maybe.


I may have broken down and given this book a hug as I did Half Bad.
This time not because I really needed a hug and had no humans around.
This time more because I absolutely LOVED this book.
Plus it's just really pretty.
(I'm partial to the colour green)

So, Half Wild wasn't quite as dark as Half Bad.
I mean, it was still pretty dark, but honestly, it would be difficult to maintain that level of complete and utter brutality seen in Book One.
But this was a good thing.
There was much more internal turmoil.
There was much more focus on trust.
There was much more development of Nathan's character.
And that almost made Half Wild better than Half Bad.
Or at least as good.

Well, we still don't have unicorns and rainbows and butterflies
But we do still have beautiful, beautiful writing.
And interesting typesetting.
And wonderfully well developed characters.

Honestly, Gabriel basically makes this series.
He's so fabulous.
And seriously, get the hell out of the way of my ship, Annalise.

I'm so attached to these characters.
It's not even funny.

I mean, the ending is good but also bad, but bad in a sort of good way in that you're completely sucker punched.
And your heart just breaks for the characters. (Keeping things nice and ambiguous)
And you really really want to get your hands on the next book.
Can it be 2016 already?

Random Note: I feel like this book would be in my favourites if only my ship sailed. Is that too petty of me? haha

Overall: 9/10
Plot: 4.5/5
Romance: 4/5
Writing: 5/5
World Building: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Cover: 5/5