Thursday, February 13, 2014

Interview with Kasie West! Author of Split Second & Pivot Point

Split Second has been released! Wooooooo!!! 

Look at all that gorgeousness. YOU CAN BUY THAT RIGHT NOW! And to celebrate its release, we got to interview the beautiful Kasie West. If you leave right now to go get a copy, I will understand completely :) If you don't know this book, it's the final installment of the Pivot Point duology- an awesome young adult paranormal series that you must read!

But without further ado, here's the interview where I ask Kasie about Addie, Laila, the boys, and possible spin-offs in the future...

Hi Kasie! My name is Chantelle Ip, I’m an Australian blogger at Looking for the Panacea with my co-blogger Nara Lee. We are both massive fans of Pivot Point, which we named as a 2013 ‘Panacea candidate’- meaning that it’s a book we think deserves to be universally known. I was jumping up and down when I was given an arc of Split Second, because although Pivot Point stands up to the reread, that cliff-hanger ending kills me every time (in a good way of course). Also because, well, TREVOR!

Split Second did not disappoint. I felt like all of my questions were answered, while still experiencing the excitement, suspense and the swoony feels of the first book.

Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the books. And I’m honored that Pivot Point was named as one of your ‘Panacea candidates’ of 2013.

How did you go about writing this book, especially knowing at the start that you had the issue of ‘the note’ to deal with?

Well, it was a bit of a challenge because if Addie got that note right away, it would’ve changed a lot of things. But it really wasn’t hard to figure out a solution. Laila is a bit selfish so I knew it would make sense for her to keep that note while she figured things out. And her reading it, well, that makes sense with her character too.

I especially enjoyed the addition of Laila’s POV, as we finally got to see Addie from a different perspective, and also because Laila is badass (ahem* Connor).
What was it like being in Laila’s mind, with her abilities and frustrations compared to Addie?

Laila was fun to write. She makes no apologies so I enjoyed letting her have some free reign in her thoughts, words, and actions. After writing Addie who is very careful, Laila was like an adventure.

Split Second by no means has ‘second-book syndrome’, partly because it does have quite a definitive ending. Had you always planned for this series to only be two books? Was there anything that surprised you while writing this sequel- a plot twist you hadn’t expected or an aspect you found particularly easy/difficult?

Actually, I had planned on just writing Pivot Point. I mean, I had some ideas as to where it could go should I be asked to write another one, but I very much wanted the feel of a complete book when Pivot Point was over. I know, I know, it felt like a cliff hanger. But it really wasn’t. All the answers presented in book one were answered by the end. I thought the reader could predict where it was going from there as far as new questions and plot lines. I didn’t think it needed another. You guys can all thank my editor who did think it needed another one. Ha. So that’s where the brainstorming started. I needed new questions, new conflicts, and of course there was THE big conflict from book one that could be continued which really helped it flow into a sequel versus feeling like a completely new book. Did anything surprise me while writing the sequel? Hmm. I’m constantly surprised as I write, by things that happened. But I don’t want to give anything away. ;)

It’s bittersweet for me because I love how you ended it, but I also wish that I’d have been able to stay in this captivating world of Paras and Norms for a bit longer. Is there a chance at all for more books or possibly spin-offs in the future?

I would love to write more books in this world, so yes, I’d say there is a 50% chance that you’ll see more Pivot Point books featuring other characters. I have one in mind already that I really really want to write. It all depends on how well these books do as to whether my publisher will want to purchase more. So keep spreading the word. :)

I know asking to pick favourites can be a bit mean, but do you have a favourite or least favourite character (and why)?

I love all the characters for different reasons. They become like real people as I write them. So yeah, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I will say that Duke was the easiest to write. That little brat jumped off the page so easily that every time he was in a scene my fingers flew over the keyboard so fast. For that reason (and many others, actually) I adore him.

No doubt you’ve probably been asked a lot about which mental ability you’d want if you were a part of the Compound, but which power would you not want?

As I’ve written in this world a lot, I’ve come to find out that most of the abilities come with negative side effects. Having an ability is not all rainbows and butterflies. But if I had to pick just one, I think being Telepathic would be awful. In this world, it’s one of the only abilities you can’t choose when you want to use it. It’s just always “on”. I think that would be hard to have other people’s thoughts constantly in your head.

The three love interests in this series are Trevor- the handsome, chivalrous, cowboy type, Connor- the silent, mysterious, misfit motorbike enthusiast and Duke- the charming quarterback who is back to redeem himself. So, which would you punch, kiss or marry?

Great descriptions. I like that. My answer for this should be a little obvious, but maybe not. I’d kiss Connor (a lot), marry Trevor, and punch Duke often (even though I really do love him).

And lastly, as we’re called ‘Looking for the Panacea’, could you please name for us some of your personal ‘Panacea Candidates'?

There are so many that I hesitate to name any because the list would go on and on. But how about a few of the ones I read this last year:


The Fault in Our Stars

These Broken Stars

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Thank you so much for your time answering these questions!