Monday, April 13, 2015

Can We Take a Moment to Talk About Youtube?

Okay, so I don't know about you guys, but I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Youtube. One video leads to another, then another, then yet another, and you're caught in what I like to call the Youtube spiral. Obviously, this leads to a lot of productivity issues, but on the whole, I feel like it's worth it. Hence this post.

I'm going to introduce you guys to some of my favourite Youtubers. For those who don't know what a Youtuber is (i.e. those who've been living under a rock), they're basically people who make videos on Youtube, whether they be comedy, or artsy, or vlogs, or whatever. Maybe more relevant to you guys, there's a subgroup of Youtubers named booktubers, who make videos about books.

This post is going to deal with Youtubers (rather than booktubers), and hopefully I'll be able to get some of you to get into watching these people's videos, because seriously, they're the best.

Dan Howell of Danisnotonfire
Number of subscribers: 4M
Sidechannels: DanAndPhilGames (gaming); Danisnotinteresting (vlogs)
Signature Features: Reasons Why Dan's a Fail, Sexy Endscreen Dance
My first Danisnotonfire video: Our List of Awkward Moments
Hands down my favourite Youtuber at the moment is Dan. He's just so relateable with his introvert nature, his love of books and anime and his general awkwardness (in an adorable, hilarious way). Also his accent is fabulous. Aaaand he's pretty hot, not gonna lie haha.

Some of my favourites from him:
Fandoms (so relevant to the bookish community)
I Mumble (MY GOD THIS.)
I Can't Live Without My Phone (I can't even. It's so true.)
Human Interaction (omg yes, this. This is me.)
The Story of My Hamster
Internet Support Group
Okay I'm going to stop there otherwise I'll be linking pretty much every video of his here. THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD.

Phil Lester of AmazingPhil
Number of subscribers: 2M
Sidechannels: DanAndPhilGames (gaming); LessAmazingPhil (vlogs)
Signature Features: Draw Phil Naked
My first AmazingPhil video: I GOT ATTACKED BY A SQUIRREL
Phil is another British Youtuber, and I just love all his stories of all the weird people he meets. He's been around basically since the start of Youtube, with his first video uploaded in 2006. He's actually so creative, and I feel like he doesn't get the recognition he deserves e.g. he created the 7 second challenge, but is hardly ever credited for it.

Some of my favourites from him:
All of the Phil is not on fire videos (these are the best)
A Sleepless Night With Phil
Worst Accent EVER!
Living with Robert Pattinson

Fun fact! Dan and Phil are flatmates, so if you watch one of them, you pretty much should watch the other one, because they appear in each other's videos so often. Fans of Dan and Phil are referred to as the "Phandom". And they also do an awesome gaming channel together- their Sims series is hilarious. Plus they have a book coming out! The Amazing Book is Not on Fire. SO EXCITED.

Joe Sugg of ThatcherJoe
Number of subscribers: 4M
Sidechannels: ThatcherJoeGames (gaming); ThatcherJoeVlogs (vlogs)
Signature Features: Youtuber Whispers, Pranks on Caspar (and Oli), Electric Shock Challenges
My first ThatcherJoe video: AMAZING IMPRESSIONS

Another very creative Youtuber! To be honest, it seems like he'd be a really annoying roommate because he's forever pulling pranks and scaring his friends, but it definitely makes for great entertainment on a Youtube channel haha.

Some of my favourites from him:
Youtuber Whispers 4 (probably because Dan and Phil are in it, ngl)
Reacting to My Old Diary
Who's the Favourite Child? (Q&A with Daddy Sugg! So hilarious)

Okay and now I'm just going to leave a list of other Youtubers I watch regularly because I don't want to go on and on:
Connor Franta of ConnorFranta
Ryan Higa of Nigahiga
Natalie Tran of Community Channel
Caspar Lee of Caspar
Troye Sivan of Troye Sivan
PewDiePie (gaming)

Do you watch any Youtubers? If not, are you interested in starting watching any of these guys? I 100% recommend Danisnotonfire if you're a bit of a nerd/geek/socially awkward haha