Monday, March 2, 2015

Reading Compatibility Test 2: Contemporary Edition

Basically, I'm going to give you a list of statements that you have to agree or disagree with. If you have any idea what book/series they're referring to, it means that you've probably read some of the books that I've read, i.e. our reading tastes are somewhat compatible. I thought it'd be more interesting doing this in quiz form than me just listing off some of the books that I enjoy. Really, this feature is going to be a series of disguised recommendation posts!

In honour of Contemporary Conversations, this edition of the Reading Compatibility Test will be on some my favourite contemporary novels!

1. You accept the love you think you deserve
2. You know the sky begins at your feet
3. Your father has invited the former love of your life in for pie (hahah man, I love this)
4. Your thoughts are stars you cannot fathom into constellations
5. You know that hate is easy. Love. Love takes courage.
6. You're kind of scared of marriage because can you ever truly know a person? (courtesy of the most effed up book I have ever read...)
7. You know Newton's laws of physics
8. You know when someone gives you a chair, they're not giving you a place to sit. They're giving you a place to belong.

Let me know how many of the statements were true about you, and whether you were able to tell which books each of the statements refers to.
Otherwise, just let me know if there are any that you're unable to answer! Maybe you'll find a new book/series to read.

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