Friday, August 22, 2014

Cosmere Read-Along: Elantris Quotes

I'm currently taking part in the Sanderson Cosmere Read-Along run by Faye at The Social Potato. Brandon Sanderson is my favourite author ever, and so I knew I had to take part in this event even though I've already read most of his books (just need to read Warbreaker and Legion + The Emperor's Soul).

The first book we're reading is Elantris! So I thought I'd try and get more people to join the read-along by making some quotes graphics to entice you to read his books. (You really should read them. They're awesome.)

*Images made using book covers for Elantris. The first is from the UK edition and the second is from the German edition*

Elantris is probably the weakest of Sanderson's books that I've read so far, but it's still a very entertaining, twist-filled read. Also the world building akshdfasdf! The world building is epic in every Sanderson book, and Elantris is no different.

Details about the read-along are here. Join ussssss.