Friday, May 9, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars Movie Review

Note: We saw an advanced screening of TFIOS on the 5th of May. Thanks so much to Bookworld!

The Fault in Our Stars is hands down the best YA movie adaptation we have ever seen. It was everything we hoped it would be: a perfect visualisation of the key moments in the novel. All the scenes we wanted, the majority of our favourite quotes: everything was there.

Chantelle: I loved that we saw it in a packed cinema, as it was pretty magical hearing other nerdfighters sniffling and sobbing with me, so I’d definitely recommend seeing it close to the release date. Also, THOSE FEELS! I cried like a normal person DURING the movie. Unlike Nara… who only cried once the movie ended… and then couldn’t stop for a solid 5 minutes.

Nara: Dude, it wasn’t THAT long lol. But I definitely agree that the movie was ridiculously feels-inducing. I had literally never cried in a movie before watching TFIOS (teared up, but no actual crying). This damned movie broke my no crying streak haha. Also the casting was amazing! Shailene and Ansel made such a great Hazel and Augustus. The chemistry between them was just incredible. We’d just seen Divergent quite recently, but we didn’t find it weird at all that they went from siblings to love interests. And Chantelle was swooning every time Ansel was on screen.

Chantelle: Man, who can blame me, he is FIT! Also, he has the goofiest smile ever, and him in a suit is perfection. But I must admit, Shailene really stole the show in this movie. Her acting was incredible, she was so emotive and genuine in her portrayal of Hazel, eugh, still so overwhelmed.

Nara: And the soundtrack! All the songs just fit the scenes so well. I have to say, my favourite song was Boom Clap, which played when Hazel and Augustus were sight-seeing around Amsterdam. It supplemented the atmosphere of the scenes so well- and the emotions of the two falling in love.

Chantelle: Special mentions always go to Birdie’s song! It fitted the moment so well (no spoilers). I love that this movie was so cohesive, as a movie. You get a lot of YA adaptations that feel jumpy- there's not enough background information in the movie so that people who haven't read the book get quite confused. But that wasn't the case at all with TFIOS. If you haven't read the book, the movie would still be fantastically amazing, although of course, as a book blog, we feel obliged to also recommend the book :)

We most definitely recommend going to see the movie when it comes out. So you’re going to see it, okay?