Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to get into the mood... for the DIVERGENT movie!

Today is the day that that high-budget, highly anticipated, incredibly hyped up film, DIVERGENT, is out in Australia! I'm so nervous about seeing it. I'm both ecstatic about the cast, and so so nervous about the cast, and whether they've been able to make this book-adaptation into everything I've hoped for. For people that don't know, I am a HUGE fan of Divergent, and Insurgent... not so much Allegiant, but that's a topic for another day. After the anticlimaxes of City of Bones, and Vampire Academy, I didn't really want to get my hopes up about DIVERGENT but! the good reviews have been pouring in, so why not get ourselves hyped up.

So here are some promotional YouTube videos that I don't think you'd have seen, full of dramatic music, actor featurettes (any opportunity to see Shailene Woodley's amazing eyes should be incentive enough) and quick action snippets that are sure to get you into the mood.

First up: Veronica Roth, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet, Jai Courtney and Ashley Judd give us an introduction to DIVERGENT (not that we need to know more about the plot, but the action scenes look incredible!!)

"It's so precisely true to the book that Veronica wrote." - Ashley Judd

Next: MORE ACTION SCENES! YEAAAH! This one's really short, and centres around Tris vs. Jeanine. Gosh, I still can't get over how epic that bit is where Tris taps the glass in the simulation and it splinters, then shatters everywhere. Definitely better than how I imagined it!

Next: "MEET FOUR" or more importantly, meet Theo James as Four! This is what makes me most nervous, can he live up to my idea of Four? However, this featurette has me thinking that he just might be able to! He's incredibly physical, and able to execute the fighting scenes convincingly. Doesn't hurt that he's pretty hot.

"He's done so much more with the character than I could have hoped." -Veronica Roth

"Theo did all the fights himself... 100% no stunt double." - Garret Warren, stunt coordinator

Finally: An interview with Ellie Goulding! I knew she had a song on the Divergent soundtrack, but I had no idea that 'her sound' was used most of the score for the movie. From the snippet in the video, I think her euphoric, other worldly sound fits this movie brilliantly!

I can not wait to finally see this, and hopefully I will see it soon! Sound off in the comments about whether you have or have not seen this yet, whether you're excited or apprehensive, whether you loved or hated it. Let me know!

Thank you to Entertainment One Australia for these fantastic videos!