Friday, November 1, 2013

Sci-Fi Month: Introductory Post

People! IT IS NOVEMBER. You know what that means? Yeah, okay, it's obvious from the banner. It is......
SCI-FI MONTH!! *throws confetti*
I don't know how well people know me, but I freaking LOVE sci-fi. So when I found out about this event I was pretty damn excited. For those who haven't heard about the event, basically, it's an event hosted by Rinn Reads celebrating all things sci-fi: books, movies, TV shows etc. etc. So, as part of the introductory post, Rinn would like us to answer a couple of questions. Without further ado, here they are!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself
Aussie. Book blogger. Nerdfighter. Manga/anime lover. Dessert muncher. The longer version is in the About tab up top.

2. How long have you been a fan of sci-fi?
I don't really know, to be quite honest. I've just liked sci-fi for as long as I can remember. To be honest, I've liked most genres for as long as I can remember. I like to read widely :)

3. Why do you like sci-fi and what is your favourite thing about it?
I feel like most people will say some variation of what I'm going to say and that's just that I really like the idea of reading something that could potentially come true. It's like, back in the day, Jules Verne wrote about submarines and what not and that actually came into fruition. And people who write books these days may imagine things that actually happen.

I have two favourite things about sci-fi, depending on the type of sci-fi it is. In some cases, I love how realistic the books are, how easily you could imagine them to truly happen. For example, Parasite by Mira Grant. I could almost see that actually happening. And for some books, I love the world building. I like reading about how authors envision the future (no matter whether I think it's realistic or not). An example of this type of book would be the Earth Girl series by Janet Edwards.

4. Favourite books/TV shows/movies in the genre
Okay, let's tackle the hard part of this question first. I don't actually watch much TV, so I don't know if I really have a favourite sci-fi TV show (I'm sorry, I don't watch Doctor Who. Please put down that knife.) However, I do recall watching this one mini-series named The Andromeda Strain which was pretty awesome.

Erm, movies. Does Inception count as a sci-fi movie?

Now onto my specialties! First: anime. I absolutely love Steins;Gate. It's just so clever how all the little elements from the first episode intertwine to finally show you the full picture. SO EPIC.
And Psycho-Pass. Basically in this anime, they've developed a technology that allows you to read how likely it is that someone will be a criminal (this is referred to as their "crime coefficient"). If you really don't like gore, though, maybe not watch this one. A person literally explodes in the first episode. Blood everywhere lol.
Also, Gintama is hands down the most hilarious anime I have ever seen.

And I won't list my favourite books, because it should be obvious from the posts I have planned for Sci-Fi Month.

5. What do you have planned for Sci-Fi Month?
I have some pretty exciting stuff planned. First off: I have asked four authors for interviews, and all of them were epically awesome and agreed! So here's what I have planned in regards to that:

2nd: Interview with S.J. Kincaid, author of the Insignia series + Giveaway
9th: Interview with Janet Edwards, author of the Earth Girl series + Giveaway
16th: Interview with Marissa Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles + Giveaway
23rd: Interivew with Dan Wells, author of the Partials Sequence

Basically I have an interview on every Saturday of November (except the 30th). And the giveaway prizes are ones you definitely don't want to miss out on. I kind of want them for myself to be honest haha. Some of the goodies may or may not be signed...(by which I mean they're definitely signed. Some are even personalised...)

Also on the 20th, I have another post: Recommended sci-fi reads for people who don't normally read sci-fi. And that's all I have planned! If you want to take a look at the whole schedule, which includes posts from fifty bloggers check out this link.

Exciting, isn't it? :D


  1. YAY! I forgot that you'd have your post up earlier than everyone else, being in Australia (or maybe you're a time traveller? =o) I've put a direct link on the schedule already, as I will link the intro posts as they go up.

    You're like me then - I have no idea when I became interested in sci-fi. I just know it's always seemed awesome to me!

    Ooh, the Andromeda Strain, based on the Michael Crichton book? I think that's on my Netflix to watch list - or it might be a film version, not sure! I would count Inception as sci-fi for sure - it's definitely a more cerebral sci-fi film though.

    You've got a great range of author interviews - and I'm excited for Janet's now after talking to her the other day! =D

    Yay, I can't wait for it all!!

    1. haha have you discovered my secret?! Indeed I am a time traveller! :P

      Yeah, to be honest I don't even know when I became interested in reading. I've just read my entire life!

      Not sure if it's based on any book, but it's a TV mini series. It was pretty good- kind of like a medical thriller. The entire family likes that sort of show so we watched it together haha.

  2. Oh how fun :D I haven't read a lot of sci fi (...well...I have read some, I tend to smush fantasy and sci fi into one giant genre of awesome in my head, but no one seems to agree with me).

    I think Inception totally counts as a sci fi movie...I'm not sure where it would fit otherwise. I might have to check out Steins's been ages since I've watched any anime :(

    1. Well, I guess you can kind of put them together as in "speculative fiction". It's kind of hard to say whether some books are sci fi or fantasy- like The Bone Season. That's kind of fantasy, but kind of dystopian/sci-fi type thing.

      Awww anime deprival sucks. I love anime, but I usually don't have much time to watch it- I tend to read a lot more manga :)

  3. This sounds pretty cool. Although I don't really have time to participate in it. I am however interested in seeing those interviews, especially S.J. Kincaid's. I LOVE Insignia. I hope I remember. XD Happy reading~ :D

    1. Insignia is indeed amazing! And her answers are great- especially this one question about her characters in the Hunger Games haha

  4. I really like sci-fi as well! Hope you have fun with this, luv!

    Looking forward to the interviews! <33

    1. Thanks Mel!
      Make sure to enter the giveaways :D

  5. OMG THERE WERE QUESTIONS?! WHAATT? OMG. GOING TO EDIT MY POST NOW! I didn't even know! D: But, I'm looking forward to your posts! :D

  6. Yay I look forward to sci-fi month on your blog, and I especially can't wait for your interview with Marissa Meyer! Great to know you a little better Nara :)

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    1. Marissa Meyer's interview is great! Plus the giveaway is pretty awesome too haha :)

  7. "I like to read widely :)" -- me too!

    And yes, this is all very exciting! I look forward to those interviews! :) Happy Sci-Fi Month! :)

    1. Reading widely is definitely great! If you get bored of one genre you can just move to another :)

  8. Hallo, Hallo Nara!! :) :)

    I am a SFN girl, starting to make my rounds to everyone's blogs as the excitement of the 'first day' has already been underway for such a long while now!! I posted my first Feature momentarily ago, as I was speaking on behalf my introduction to all-things sci-fi! :) :) What I am appreciating the most right now is how different we are (as a collective group) and yet how we each have come together to celebrate a conjoined passion!! Wicked sweet!

    I love how so far (Rinn, you, I) all have a bit of a strugglement to come up with an approx. date of when we first started to read/watch sci-fi and become die-hard lifelong appreciators!! Like you, world building is esp important to me, but not just in sci-fi but in fantasy as well! I recently read "Redheart" and I was chuffed to be able to read it due to the depth the author took the narrative! I think its important that writers construct worlds that are wholly envisionable in order to transport us to the realm in which they want us to spend time inside!

    Did you read "The Andromeda Strain" prior to seeing the mini-series!? I oft wanted to seek it out, but I wasn't sure if the one your referring is based on Michael Crichton's novel or upon another work!?

    I'm looking forward to dropping back on your blog to see the authors' your going to interview! I love bookish blogosphere events like these because it helps all us become introduced to new authors, books, and series!! Wicked sweet!! :) :)

    My features are mostly encompassing my three [focuses] of: Steampunk, Time Travel, and Dystopia! And, as far as "Who" goes, I'm endeavouring to sort out 'who' Who is in a series of Saturday posts! :) Laughs. Not sure if you watched it and felt it wasn't for you, or if you hadn't had the chance to see it (which is my reason!)....

    1. Hiya!

      Quite a few sci-fi fans out there! And yeah, world building is just really important in high fantasies and sci-fis- really just any book which is set in a world other than our own (or our world at a different time period).

      I haven't read The Andromeda Strain! I didn't even know it was a book haha. I just watched the TV series.

      Steampunk! I forgot that that was technically a subgenre of scifi. Or a fusion of scifi and historical I guess. In terms of Doctor Who, I just haven't really attempted to get into it. I watched about half an episode on TV once and it was about these human sized cats who walk on two legs and run a hospital so that was weird.