Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Liebster Award

So, Chantelle and I were nominated for Liebster award by Annie of The Runaway Reader. However, as this blog has more than 200 followers, we actually aren't eligible for the award! Still, in acknowledgement of being nominated, we're going to answer Annie's questions anyway. We won't be nominating anyone further though, because we technically don't have the award. So, without further ado: here are the answers to Annie's questions!

1. How do you organize your bookshelf? By color? By genre? By title?
C: Well, Nara and I both bought our bookshelves from IKEA (thank you Sweden), so they’re divided into squares which ultimately dictated how I ended up organising my bookshelf. So I’ve got my favourites ‘square’, John Green square (; , dystopian square etc. etc. which is sort of similar to you, Nara?

N: Yep. I’ve got mine arranged by genre. So I’ve got a contemporary square, a sci-fi square etc. But two squares are specifically for authors- I have my Richelle Mead square and my Cassandra Clare square. This isn’t necessarily because they’re my favourite authors, but because they have a lot of books/are going to be releasing a lot of books, so I thought I’d give them their own squares. Although right now my CC square has been infiltrated by some Rainbow Rowell haha.

C: OMG RAINBOW ROWELL!!! Girl crush alert.

N: Her and Tahereh Mafi <3 And Susan Dennard hahaha

C: NO! Susan Dennard must come in a package deal with Sarah J. Maas hahaha

N: I totally coined that term :P

C: You did, and I love you for it :)

N: hahahaha. Anyways, let’s move on to question numero crap what’s the spanish word for two?

C:Do not look at me… ni hao


C: hahahha okay, take it away then Nara

2. How has blogging helped you?
N: Well, I guess blogging has helped me ………...….aww crap do I have to start? I got no ideas…

C: HAHAHHA lawl trolol bahha hehe etc so forth

N: I hate you.

C: <3
C: Yes, how HAS it helped you Nara :P Put our reflective hats on. Has it revolutionised your outlook on life? (my primary school teachers fell hard for that comment)

N: Well, I guess in general, it’s given me a hobby. So I have something semi-productive to do when I’m not studying for uni rather than just youtubing and facebooking and whatnot. Actually come to think of it, it hasn’t really stopped me youtubing and facebooking and has added on twittering and tumblring...IT HASN’T HELPED ME AT ALL IN MY PROCRASTINATION.

C: hahhahah that is so true, you’ve gotten your second comp screen involved in all your twitter co-curriculars haha

N: Hey it’s actually open on uni-related work right now!


N: Totes man. I’m so studious.

C: Well, I’m dubious :P oooooooo hahha nah, okay. How has blogging helped me...

N: Indeed, how HAS it helped you Chantelle? lol

C: I guess it’s helped me to read consistently all year round, like usually I have huge phases where I read and read and read, and then I might have a reading slump that might last for months… but blogging motivates me to keep reading which is really nice. My Goodreads count has certainly gone up :D

N: It has indeed! So congratulations on that haha

C: Thank you ;)

N: Okay next question!

3. Where do you get inspiration for blogging?
N: I don’t really get this question…

C: Yeah me neither… we both just sort of turned to each other one day and were like, yep let’s blog! If I may start, I’m just going to say that it started off being because I wanted to share my thoughts about books and I didn’t have enough corporeal friends to rant to (besides Nara of course), but now that I’ve started, I’ve got to admit it’s Nara who keeps me going (naaaawww) because she blogs sooo much more than I do, and has got it all figured out.

N: Nawwwwww ily hahaha

C: <3 well, it’s true haha how about you?

N: I don’t know if I have any particular inspirations for blogging to be quite honest. I mean, I guess I do admire some of the really big blogs, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that they “inspire” me per se.

C: ARCs are pretty nice incentives

N: LOL are you saying that ARCs inspire me?

C: hahaha yeah I think I am, especially being white listed ;) haha M-m-m-moving on

4. If you could switch places with any character from a book, who would it be and why?
N: One of the really minor characters in the Harry Potter series. That way I get to go to Hogwarts, but I don’t actually have to face Voldemort or whatever.

C: HAHAHHA none of the pressure to save the world

N: Exactly, my friend. What about you?

C: aahhhh this is so hard :( trying to choose which book boyfriend I want...

N: bahahahaha ALL OF DEM

C: YES! Vote 1 for polygamy (but not really since that gives me the creeps)

N: It’s fine because they’re in different books :P

C: hahhahha (oh gosh, seriously struggling) how about I say, NOT Lou Clark from Me Before You, nor Maya from Forbidden… Okay okay okay, I’m going to pick Julie from Flat-Out Love because she’s relatively normal, and gets to go sky diving, and has a super hot, geeky, super sweet boyfriend :D

N: Fair enough haha

C: I was tossing up Nastya from The Sea of Tranquility… because, well, JOSH BENNETT, but I don’t want her past

N: Dude Nastya is so messed up.

C: Yeah….

N: I guess you want to swap with her AFTER she gets the guy and stuff.

C: Their prematurely domesticated relationship is so cute hahha

N: Anyway, let’s move on before we start gushing about The Sea of Tranquility again lol THIS CHAT IS GETTING TOO LONG.

5. It's the end of the world! Aaaaaah! Pick three books to save.
C: OKAY! erm, F@$%!

N: GO GO GO! First three books that come to mind!

C: DON’T PRESSURE ME, oh gosh, S%#!

N: K, I’ll do mine first. TFIOS, Speechless, GAHHHHH THE THIRD ONE IS THE HARDEST

C: Wow, Speechless made the cut? That surprises me man.

N: Can’t tell if sarcastic…

C: HAHHAA yeah it legit surprises me, like it’s gooood... but I didn’t think it was post-apocalyptic I will save you, kind of good

N: I really like rereading it. Like, while some books are good, there are usually times when I don’t feel like reading them. But I always feel like rereading Speechless :P And even though it’s the end of the world and humanity would probably benefit much more from the classics, WHO CARES ABOUT HUMANITY! I WANT MY FAVES hahahaha

C: hahahhah touche my friend, touche. Okay, can I take my kindle? Or is that cheating? I’d really like to save my kindle.

N: A kindle is not a book. So yeah, it’s totally cheating.


N: Again, cannot tell if srs. haha


N: lol I’m totally kidding. That was obviously sarcastic..….right….?

C: Was it? .........hahahhaha totally kidding. Three books. The Bronze Horseman, The Night Circus and Alice in Wonderland! DONE!

N: Nice one. I’m going to say The House of Hades as my third book. But The Blood of Olympus if we can choose books that haven’t come out yet.

C: Nice!!! Well that’s a wrap… thanks to everyone who stayed to read this very long discussion haha but it was a lot of fun :)

N: That’s all folks! *cue Looney Tunes music*


  1. Oh my gosh, I think these are the best reponses EVER. I had so much fun reading them - you guys are so cool! I would definitely pick Alice in Wonderland as one of my three books too! It was one of the first books I really, really loved. And Nara, you're so smart! It never occurred to me to be one of the minor characters! Ugh, why didn't I think of that?

    1. haha why thank you, Annie :)
      It was fun writing the answers too! You had some pretty interesting questions :D
      And yeah haha minor characters are safer options. No need to save the world or anything :P

  2. 'revolutionised your outlook on life' - Damn I need to start using that line! :D

    Love the chat guys, it reminds me of the chat reviews that I did with Rach.

    Congrats on the award! :)

    1. It is a great line isn't it haha

      Thanks Nuzaifa! We do chat reviews as well, but not very often :P They tend to end up being way too long because we talk about random crap in between haha

  3. This was hilarious...totally wish it was a vlog! Congrats ladies, now go surf the web!

    1. Thanks Kimba! We might start doing some vlogs in the holidays later on, but not much time for them these days!

  4. haha, you two lolz. ARCs are totally incentives!

    Congrats on getting nominated! <33

    1. They're definitely incentives, but sources of "inspiration"? Not so much haha
      Thanks Mel!

  5. I love how the both of you do almost everything in chat-form! Whoa. You two are dedicated. I have only one huge shelf, and I arrange my books according to series, but that's it. Even the thought of taking down all my books and reorganizing them into something prettier -- like according to colors -- makes me want to balk. The sad truth. And YES. Susan + Sarah = forever.

    Lol, Chantelle. Pulling philosophical stunts since young, I see. ;) Blogging definitely hasn't helped me with my procrastination problem either. In fact, I think it's gotten worse! But it's taught me to be more sociable, both online and in real life. Before I started blogging, I was like this awkward penguin (because turtles are overrated) who wouldn't dare to tweet anyone or talk to them -- even my friends! Now I think I'm loosening up a bit. :D

    Haha, foolproof plan, Nara! Don't forget, there's always the risk of getting killed during the battle of Hogwarts. Or getting bitten by Fenrir Greyback. I don't know which one's worse... And all this take about Natsya's past is making me really curious. Too bad I'm not reading TRANQUILITY until December! NOOOOOOOO.

    Great post, you two! <3

    1. I feel like going by colour would be pretty, but I want to keep my series together- otherwise it's kind of hard to find books haha. And I like to keep books by the same author together as well- but authors usually write in the same genre, so they're in the same "boxes" anyway :)

      Awkward penguin fits a lot better anyway :P I mean, just look at them waddle. If that isn't awkward, I don't know what is haha.

      DECEMBER?! That's so far away! But it'll definitely be worth the wait :D It's rather amazing.

  6. Congratulations on getting nominated! You guys are hilarious, such a great blogging dynamic going on here!

  7. Ha! So fun to read your dialogue together. You can tell there's some real love in there (and lots of craziness ;) ) Congratulations on the award, even if you are technically able to accept it! I always find it interesting how others shelve their books. The only time I've ever really set up a bookshelf I organized them by color. I guess I'm not as organized or picky as others! I just like looking at book rainbows! And haha, bringing the Twilight series. You know, some might say that just because it got them into YA, but it's obviously not worth it without that last book. Ah the beauty of Renesme. :P

    1. Definitely a case of the crazies going around haha.
      Organising by colour definitely looks really pretty. I half want to do it myself! But on the other hand, I have about 300 books, so it would take way too long/I'm too lazy lol.
      Yeah, Breaking Dawn- what a "masterpiece". haha
      Thanks Asti!

  8. Haha, you guys are absolutely crazy and funny <3 I really loved reading this chat!

    1. Thanks Celine!
      haha we are rather crazy, aren't we :P