Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Lovin Read-a-Thon: Hound Dogs

  • “Hound Dogs” Participation Post:
    • It’s good to be bad…boys that is! List those bad boys that make your heart go pitter patter. Got a picture to share so we can all drool (please)? You could do a character interview or create a bio for your favorite character. Or tell us where you would go if he were to ask you out on a date? 

I may be in the minority for this, but I don't actually like bad boys in general. I like the nice, geeky ones like Sam from Speechless and Jase from My Life Next Door and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars. However, I guess there are a few bad boys that I do like:
Adrian from Bloodlines
I don't know if Adrian really counts as a "bad boy". I think he did in Vampire Academy, but he isn't really in Bloodlines. Especially not as the series progresses. But he is pretty swoony. (Also he has green eyes.)

Warner from Shatter Me
I have to admit, Warner was kind of insane in Shatter Me. He was seriously twisted. And I guess in Destroy Me and Unravel Me, he still is a bit so, but because you get more insight into the way he thinks, and the way he understands Juliette and you can't help but like him. (He also has green eyes. I like dem green eyes.)

Although I'm a huge fan of the nice guy, preferably a little lanky, or geeky with glasses, I also have a healthy appreciation for them bad boys. Mmkay, let's bring out the hound dogs.

Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster
This guy made me fall so hard when I first read BD back in 2011. He was that heart wrenching mix of protective and vulnerable, and yeah, managing to be the bad boy and the best friend won him some major brownie points. Walking Disaster sort of ruined him a little for me because Abby came across quite nasty from his point of view, but if I ignore that, he's still my boy.

Kaidan from Sweet Evil
Oh sweet goodness, Kaidan Kaidan Kaidan. I stayed up til 4am last night reading Sweet Peril, he's so swoony, bright blue eyes, a drummer, so so sweet. gargh. I don't care if he has a vice for lust. Kaidan for president.

Zsadist from Lover Awakened 
Nothing says tortured soul more than Zsadist, vicious and isolated, plagued with a traumatic past, his was definitely my favourite out of the BDB series, and after his book which was so so angsty, the rest seemed lack lustre in comparison.

Javier from On Every Street
A ruthless, murdering, control freak, Javier is definitely bad news, but in On Every Street, he was just so passionate that I can't help but know that a small part of me deep deep down roots for him over Cam.

Challenge 4: Summer Flings
Hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat.
What fictional character(s) would you have a sumer fling with? Type up a post and link it up in the linky below!

A fling that's a tough one. If this is an alternate universe where the characters don't actually have girlfriends then maybe Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars. He's always got something interesting to say, and it would be fun to play that random video game with him haha.

Mmmmm just a fling hey...This actually kills me because I would only have a fling with a bad boy (I'd marry all the nice ones), and I wouldn't have a fling with my favourite bad boys because I absolutely love all their girlfriends. I'm just going to say Javier from On Every Street because he's not really with Ellie, he's just manically stalking her, and I don't think I'd be able to handle him for long periods of time so a fling would suit me just fine!

Sorry about the lack of pictures, we don't really like putting faces to the characters, but we'd highly recommend all of the books/series mentioned above :)


  1. I love Warner! <3

  2. I agree with you Nara regarding bad boys. I'm not all into them. I love your pick of Augustus for a fling!

    Jess @ Literary, etc