Thursday, June 20, 2013


As I'm sure most of you know, the book depository is holding an incredible sale.

100 books, 100 offers, 25 hours

That is one offer every 15 minutes people!!!
I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Just click on the book depository image on the right side bar

Advice: make sure you're logged in, with bank details on the ready because these offers sell out pretty quick.

There's a huge variety of books on offer, most of the time, the discounts go up to 70%. From our experience last year, the books aren't always young adult (which let's be honest, is the only reason we're there for the sale), but it's still worth having a look.

While you're here, we've got an absolute tonne of GIVEAWAYS happening at the moment, so please check them out :) (Again, right side bar)


  1. This time the sale isn't nearly as good as it was in February. I was waiting for signed books and there was only one so far. pooo... What a waste of time. And I'm still sitting there. Waiting for something good to come along. I should be studying...

    1. Yeah, we have exams next week, so clearly we should be studying too...multitasking!

    2. Same here. Exams... I bought absolutely nothing. I'm so disappointed. Only one signed book in the whole sale :(

    3. Haha same here! Who knew there were that many sticker books out there.

    4. Look on the bright side! At least we didn't have 50 lego books!