Saturday, May 9, 2015

Reading Compatibility Test 4: High Fantasy

Basically, I'm going to give you a list of statements that you have to agree or disagree with. If you have any idea what book/series they're referring to, it means that you've probably read some of the books that I've read, i.e. our reading tastes are somewhat compatible. I thought it'd be more interesting doing this in quiz form than me just listing off some of the books that I enjoy. Really, this feature is going to be a series of disguised recommendation posts!

Time for another Reading Compatibility Test! This time: High Fantasy.

High/epic fantasy is basically my favourite genre to read, mostly because I'm a huge world building reader, and obviously the typical high fantasy would have much more world building than a contemporary or a paranormal. I just love to see the creativity and thought that authors put into constructing the little details of their worlds. One of the (many) reasons why Brandon Sanderson is my favourite author (I tried to steer away from the Sanderson in this edition- he's written so many books that I could probably do a Sanderson specific edition haha)

Anyway, you've probably heard me go on about Sanderson a billion times haha, so onto the statements!

1. You know that winter is coming. (start off with an easy one)
2. You occasionally chat to cats with spots to see if they chat back.
3. You could rattle the stars. You could do anything, if you dared.
4. You want to join the Greatcoats.
5. If you're facing a semi-powerful wizard, you won't foolishly steal his evil amulet and make off with it (unlike a certain character in a certain book)
6. You know that you can be more than words in the dark.
7. You like to play a game to help your control over your brain function where one half of your mind hides something and the other half of your mind has to try find it. (Yeah, I don't think that makes any sense either...)
8. You know the name of the phenomenon where you come out on top of the bid, but only by paying a steep price.

Let me know whether you were able to tell which books each of the statements refers to.
Otherwise, just let me know if there are any that you're unable to answer! Maybe you'll find a new book/series to read.