Rating System

I give books a star rating with the following meanings:
0 Stars- Horcrux
1 Star- Hated it
2 Stars- Didn't like it.
3 Stars- It was okay.
4 Stars- Liked it.
5 Stars- Really liked it.
6 Stars- Incredible. Basically better than 5 stars.
7 Stars- Favourite. Would read over and over again.

I also use a numbered rating system, which is a bit more of an objective measure of the different aspects of the book (although obviously not completely objective since opinion never is). These include:
- Overall (out of 10)
- Plot (out of 5)
- Writing (out of 5)
- World Building (depending on genre, out of 5)
- Romance (depending on genre, out of 5)
- Characters (out of 5)
- Cover (out of 5)

Star ratings are purely based on enjoyment, and may seem inconsistent with my numbered ratings. It's uncommon, but sometimes I may enjoy a book but also recognise that it's terribly written and has underdeveloped characters. In that sort of case, the numbers and stars might not match up.