Bookish Bingo

Story Sprites Round 3
Made by Great Imaginations
1: Book with Gay/Lesbian Romance: Captive Prince
2: Clairvoyance/Sixth Sense: Queen of the Darkness
3: Characters with Code Name- Twelve Kings
4: Scandinavian-born Character

Yellow: DONE
1: >500 page book: Heir of Novron
2: Dragons: The Shadow Queen
3: Book to Movie Adaptation: The BFG
4: Novel with a Map: Truthwitch

Green: DONE
1: Stand Alone Fantasy: Soundless
2: Single Word Title: Dreamology
3: Enchanted Forest: Reign of Shadows
4: Strong Female Friendship: The Goose Girl

Blue: DONE
1: YA Fantasy- Assassin's Heart
2: First Book in a Series- Perfect Ruin
3: Purple Themed Cover- Prince's Gambit
4: Supernatural Feud: Calamity

Purple: DONE
1: YA Sci-Fi: The Golden Specific
2: Novel with a Rebellion: The Mirror King
3: Prince or Princess: Flamecaster
4: Last Book in a Series: Mortal Heart

Story Sprites Round 2
Made by Great Imaginations
1- Cross Dress/Gender Bender: Walk on Earth a Stranger
2- Multiple Fantasy Creatures: Theft of Swords
3- Flames on the Cover: The Order of the Phoenix
4- Character Centred Novel: The Geography of You and Me

Yellow: DONE
1- Middle Grade Fantasy Novel: Battle of the Labyrinth
2- Witches or Wizards: Carry On
3- Bram Stoker Award Winner: The Lovely Bones
4- Set at a Boarding School: A World Without Princes

Green: DONE
1- A Character Death: The White Rose
2- A Classic Novel: A Christmas Carol
3- A Book with a Mountain: Ilium
4- Book with a Fictional Language: Six of Crows

Blue: DONE
1- Male MC: The Sword of Shannara
2- Photograph on the Cover: The Lies About Truth
3- A Halloween Read: Sebastian
4- Supernatural Race in Modern Times: Skin Game

Purple: DONE
1- POC MC: Winter
2- QUILTBAG Author: More Happy Than Not
3- Set in Southern USA: To Kill a Mockingbird
4- A Character who is a Musician: Queen of Shadows

Spring Bookish Bingo
Made by Great Imaginations

Murder Mystery: Burial Rites
Aussie Author: Life in Outer Space
Reread: Seraphina
Dark Contemp: The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly
Classic: Farenheit 451
Yellow Cover: The Cage
April, May, June Release: Hello, I Love You
Rain or Storm in Title: The Last Stormdancer
High Fantasy: The Black Prism
Parental Relationships: Making Pretty
Bullying: Because You'll Never Meet Me
Free: Saint Anything
Anthology or Collection: Side Jobs
WWII: Rose Under Fire
Horror: A Monster Calls
Thieves, Assassins, Pirates: Across a Star-Swept Sea
Parallel Universes: Challenger Deep
Green Cover: Kinslayer
#WeNeedDiverseBooks: P.S. I Still Love You
Illustrated Cover: Extraordinary Means
Part of a Trilogy: King
Nonfiction or Memoir: A Work in Progress
Historical: The Golem and the Jinni
Plants on Cover: Crimson Bound

Holiday Bookish Bingo
Made by Great Imaginations

Reread: The House of Hades (reread on Oct 7)
Green Cover: Catalyst
Horror: Mortal Danger
Romance: Breakable
"Ice", "Snow", or "Frost" in TitleSnow Like Ashes
Creature on Cover: The Sea of Monsters
Native American MC: The Blood of Olympus
Red Cover: Talon
Snow on Cover: Snow Like Ashes
Free: Corruption
Black Cover: Warbreaker
Serial Killers: Remember Me
Birds on Cover: The Dream Thieves 
Mystery: Get Even
Set During Christmastime: My True Love Gave to Me
Set in Space: Honor's Knight
A Book that was a Gift: The Chaos of Stars
Witches: Equal Rites
Set in Autumn: Blue Lily, Lily Blue
Orange Cover: The Horse and His Boy
Fall or Winter Release: A Thousand Pieces of You
Steampunk: The Glass Sentence

Sci-Fi Month 2014 Bookish Bingo
Made by Oh, the Books!

B1 – Steampunk: The Glass Sentence
B2 – Superheroes: Steelheart
B3 – Teleportation: Firefight
B4 – Invisibility: Half Wild
B5 – Shapeshifters: Empire of Shadows
I1 – Absent-Minded Professor: Omega City
I2 – Apocalypse or World Wide Disaster: In a Handful of Dust
I3 – Colonization of Other Planets: This Shattered World
I4 – Drugs and Medication: Symbiont
I5 – Parallel Universe: A Thousand Pieces of You
N1 – Space Opera: Polaris
N2 – Mind Control: The Memory Key
N3 – Free!: The Rest Of Us Just Live Here
N5 – Domed City: Chasm City
G1 – Immortality: Mort
G2 – Lost Civilizations: Ringworld
G3 – Human Zoo: The Cage
G4 – Mad Scientists: Because You'll Never Meet Me
G5 – Award Winning: Redshirts
O1 – Floating City: The Colour of Magic
O2 – Sci-Fi Classic: Fahrenheit 451
O3 – Alien Invasion: Magonia
O4 – Resizing: Ensnared
O5 – Military Sci-Fi: Catalyst

Summer Bookish Bingo
Made by Great Imaginations

MC is LGBTIA: More Than This
Set During Summer: The Art of Lainey
Pink Cover: Rebel Belle
Starts with S, U, M, E or R: Silver Shadows
A Thriller: The Diviners
Set on a Boat: Ruin and Rising
A Middle Grade Novel: Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
A Series Finale: Skyfire
"Storm", "Rain", or "Thunder" in Title: Storm Glass
"July", "August", "September" in Title: September Girls
Blue Cover: Control
A Summer Release: 17 First Kisses
Strong Sibling Relationship: City of Heavenly Fire
Featuring an Animal Companion: Northern Lights
Set on an Island: The Witch of Salt and Storm
Music or Dance Themes: Infinite
Road Trip: Let's Get Lost
Magical Realism: Landline
Set in Europe: Half Bad
Water on Cover: Ugly Love

Mardi Gras Madness Bingo Card
Made by Leanne at Oh, The Books!

B1: involves Greek mythologyThe Shadow Prince
B2: features a jester characterAssassin's Apprentice
B3: has a mostly purple coverThe Forever Song
B4: has a character that leads a life of excessStarling
B5: has a crown on the coverThe One

I1: has gems or jewels on the cover- Red Queen
I2: has a character going to a partyTease
I3: is set in Paris
I4: involves doubloons in the story- Challenger Deep
I5: has a king character or on the coverPromise of Blood

N1: is set in The Big Easy (New Orleans, baby!)- Out of the Easy
N2: involves Egyptian mythology- Strange and Ever After
N3: FREE SQUARE!- The Mime Order
N4: is set on/in/near a large body of waterThe Assassin's Blade
N5: has a mostly yellow or gold coverTape

G1: has a character who goes to a ballCrown of Midnight
G2: has a mask on the cover- Infinite
G3: involves a carnival (faire/circus)The Caller
G4: has a queen character or on the coverDreams of Gods and Monsters
G5: has cake on the cover or being eaten in the storyThe Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

O1: has a French character or author- Control
O2: has a mostly green coverHouse of Ivy and Sorrow
O3: involves a feastThe Hobbit
O4: has characters wearing costumes- A Darker Shade of Magic
O5: has a feathered character or feathers on the coverWhite Space