Hi! Welcome to Looking for the Panacea, a blog run by Nara and Josh!

Some general facts about us:
1. We are Australian!
2. We are a sibling duo who enjoy reading in particular young adult novels.

About Nara's tastes in books:
My favourite author is Brandon Sanderson! This is due to his all round awesomeness, but also due to his epic world building (I'm a huge world building reader). If you haven't yet read any Sanderson, I am shaking my head right now.

I will read pretty much every fictional genre ever but most enjoy all YA subgenres and adult epic fantasy. I mostly review YA on this blog though, with the occasional review from other age categories.

Nara's interests outside of books:
My favourite movie of all time is How To Train Your Dragon. Toothless is so adorable. Other favourite movies of mine include Kung Fu Panda, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Zootopia, Big Hero 6 and pretty much everything Marvel.

I really love manga and anime as well! So here are some random lesser known manga recs: Iris Zero, Akagami no Shirayukihime, Taiyou no Ie, Orange, Last Game. And some webtoon recs: I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, The Dragon Next Door, Kubera.

If you want to know more about my manga/anime tastes, here are my anime list and my manga list.

About the Blog Name
Basically, the panacea (in medicine) is the mythical cure for all disease. So the panacea in book equivalent terms is supposed to be a book that everyone loves; that makes everyone want to read. The blog name "Looking for the Panacea" is therefore about searching for that one book that trumps all others. Obviously, such a book doesn't actually exist, but I thought it'd be worthwhile to acknowledge those books that could be put forward as "Panacea Candidates".

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We sometimes receive advanced reading copies (ARCs/proofs) or finished copies from publishers/authors for review. I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews, and in no way does this affect my opinion of the books.